On Tour 08/24/22-09/24/22 “The Unlocked Path” by Janis Robinson Daly

Release Date: August 25, 2022

About The Book:

Meet a “New Woman” of the 20th century: educated, career-minded, independent Eliza Pearson Edwards. In 1897 Philadelphia, after witnessing her aunt’s suicide, Eliza rejects her mother’s wishes for a society debut, and at a time when five percent of doctors are female, she enters a woman’s medical college. With the support of a circle of women and driven by determination to conquer curriculum demands, battle sexism, and overcome doubts, Eliza charts her new life path. Combining science and sympathy, she triumphs to heal others and herself.

Organic Chemistry may slay her, if the strain of endless study, odoriferous labs, and gruesome surgeries don’t claim her first. As a young intern, she summons a forthright confidence asserting her abilities to those mistrustful of a woman doctor. Through her work with poverty-stricken patients, she defines her version of suffrage work to champion women’s rights for and beyond the right to vote. Love is found, love is lost. During a visit to the fairy-tale-like city of Newport, a new relationship may fulfill her desires. When global events devolve into chaos with the 1918 influenza pandemic and a world war, Eliza renews her vow to help and heal.

About The Author:

Discovery that my great-great-grandfather was a founder of the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania inspired my next career direction: unearthing the stories of women whose lives have remained in the shadows. My debut novel, The Unlocked Path, balances a need for authenticity and rich historical detail with deep emotional connections to create engaging fictional characters. I graduated from Wheaton College, MA, with a B.A. in Psychology, which instilled a desire to explore female-centric issues and the power of supportive relationships developed among women. I live in Massachusetts on Cape Cod with my husband and rescue pup.

Social Media:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/JanisRobinsonDaly/Author

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/janisrdaly_writer

Book Blurbs: 

“Eliza sees the best and worst of humanity, but never falters from her mission to limit suffering and save lives.”—Tracey Enerson Wood, Author of International Best Seller, The Engineer’s Wife

“The Unlocked Path follows the extraordinary life of a courageous woman, Eliza Pearson Edwards. Based on Janis Daly’s exhaustive research into the country’s first women doctors, historical events of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and her own ancestral lineage, the reader is treated to Eliza’s eventful life story. From a wide-eyed girl declining her social debut, through her grueling training as a rare female medical student, to life as a vital doctor to women in need, Eliza’s personal and professional journey is both unique and yet consistent with the tenor of the times. Daly’s care in telling a story bursting with historical detail is evident in every page.”  –Juliette Fay, USA Today bestselling author of The Tumbling Turner Sisters and the recent highly acclaimed, Catch Us When We Fall

Eliza Edwards chooses an unconventional path. Choosing to ignore high society and commit herself to medical school, she must possess an unwavering belief in herself. She decides that to succeed, she must change the system. Eliza will win you over with her quiet strength and kind heart.”–Kerry Chaput, Amazon Best-Selling Author of Daughter of the King

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