On Tour 09/02/23-10/29/23 “Paris Blue” by Julie Scolnik

Release Date:
October 5, 2021

About The Book:

PARIS, 1976: Twenty-year-old American student Julie Scolnik arrives in the City of Light to study the flute when, from across a sea of faces in the chorus of the Orchestre de Paris, she is drawn to Luc, a striking (married) French lawyer in the bass section. This deeply moving tale of an ebullient young American and a reserved Frenchman will transport readers to the cafés, streets, and concert halls of Paris in the late seventies, and, spanning three decades, evolves from deep romance to sudden heartbreak, and finally to a lifelong quest for answers to release hidden immutable grief. A deeply felt, bittersweet reflection on how youthful passion changes you and clings to you forever,  PARIS BLUE is a true fairy-tale memoir with a dark underbelly about the tenacious grip of first love.

About The Author:

Julie Scolnik is a concert flutist and artistic director of Mistral Music, a chamber music series she founded in 1997 that has brought her accolades for the high caliber of her artists, her imaginative programming, and the personal rapport she establishes with her audiences. She lives in Boston with her husband, physicist Michael Brower, and their two cats, Daphne and Chloë. They have two adult children, Sophie and Sasha Scolnik-Brower, also musicians. http://www.juliescolnik.com/

Social Media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/julie_scolnik

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jscolnik

Twitter: https://twitter.com/julie_scolnik

Book Blurbs: 

“Not every true story is like a good novel, but this one is. Not every memoir of first love has a satisfying ending, but this one does. The confluence of first love with becoming an artist makes this memoir special.”— Bestselling author John Irving

“Paris Blue, Julie Scolnik’s memoir of first love in Paris, is written with the tender romanticism of Wordsworth and the devastating realism of Flaubert. Her lyrical writing about music transforms these discordant halves into a compelling whole, creating a dazzling love letter to a life lived in music.”—Linda Katherine Cutting, author of Memory Slips 

“Julie Scolnik’s page-turner of a memoir captures with beauty and rare insight the power of music, words, and Paris to drive love to madness.

To read her pitch perfect writing is to relive the exhilarations and vulnerabilities of one’s twenties.” — Judith Coffin, author of Sex, Love, and Letters: Writing Simone de Beauvoir

“Julie Scolnik’s memoir, Paris Blue, brings full spectrum color to a love affair with Paris, music, and a man whose limited vision couldn’t keep her from shining. Filled with sensuousness, sound, and light, as well as the hard edge of truth, this story of first love grips the reader tight.”—Jennifer Rosner, author of If a Tree Falls and The Yellow Bird Sings

“Paris Blue gives melody to our common fancy: that Paris is where all great romances play out. Julie Scolnik’s memoir, recalling for us the myopia of innocence, returns us to our own first loves while establishing itself as a riveting tale both unique and universal.”—Gregory Maguire, novelist, and author of Wicked

“The haunting impact of our first true and deep love stays with us the remainder of our lives, and all of us struggle in some way to put those emotions—the exultation, the revelries of passion and belonging, and the ultimate scars of loss—into a workable context. This memoir explores the process, including the barriers, the relapses and the ultimate conclusion that one’s life needs to find its own forms.”

—Greg Fields, author of Arc of the Comet and Through the Waters and the Wild

“Captivating! Paris Blue could speak to anyone who’s ever yearned for closure that never came. But Julie Scolnik’s memoir doesn’t simply try to make sense of a bewildering romance; through telling the story she manages to bless the past, in all its complexity, while giving herself fully to the present.”—Leah Hager Cohen, author of Strangers and Cousins and The Grief of Others

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