On Tour 09/12/23-10/30/23 “A Slice Of Courage Quiche by Jennifer Moorman

Release Date:
September 12, 2023 

About The Book:

Real estate agent Tessa Andrews believes she has her life all figured out, organized in meticulously numbered lists to ensure she doesn’t make bad decisions. But after eating a breakfast quiche and receiving a skeleton key to a dilapidated mansion, a reckless impulse overtakes her.

When torrential rains flood Mystic Water, Tessa’s condo drowns in floodwater. In need of a temporary residence, Tessa moves into an empty apartment above the local diner owned by the Borellis. While trying to help people find lodging while the flood recedes, a client sends Tessa a package containing a tarnished key belonging to a neglected historic mansion that is now on the market, and a whole new set of troubles arises, starting with the return of the Borellis’ prodigal son.

Paul Borelli, a travel journalist, shows up unexpectedly in Mystic Water and claims the apartment above the diner where Tessa has been staying. Now in need of another place to live, Tessa’s love of historic homes overtakes her logic, and she tosses aside her numbered lists, unloads her savings account, and buys the mansion with the intention to bring the grand beauty back to life.

Nearly everyone doubts Tessa’s sanity, but along the way she finds unlikely support in an ancient Cherokee spear, a traveling mint plant, and a journalist on the run from his past. Filled with charm, unexpected twists, and a touch of magic, A Slice of Courage Quiche is an enchanting tale of listening to one’s heart, camping indoors, and how acts of kindness can make a meaningful difference.

About The Author:

Born and raised in southern Georgia, where honeysuckle grows wild and the whippoorwills sing, magical realism author Jennifer Moorman is the award-winning, bestselling author of the Mystic Water Series, which includes the reader favorite, The Baker’s Man. Jennifer also has a collection of folklore, myth, and magic—Retellings of Folklore, Myth, and Magic—that offers imaginative retellings of stories told by our ancestors about their mysterious, fantastical beliefs in both the physical and the spiritual world.

She considers herself a traveler, an amateur baker, and a dreamer. She can always be won over with chocolate, unicorns, or rainbows. She believes in love—everlasting and forever.

A Harry Potter fanatic and the owner of an arsenal of sweet ’80s dance moves, Jennifer once read a 700-page book while sitting in a traffic jam. When in doubt, play James Taylor. And she’s still holding onto the dream that one day she’ll be like Indiana Jones. https://www.jennifermoorman.com/

Social Media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jenniferrmoorman

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jennifermoormanbooks 

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