On Tour 06/16/23-08/15/23 “Time Problems- A Magic Pen Adventure” by Jason R Lady

Release Date: August 18, 2022

About The Book:

Rachel is dreading middle school. She’s heard the older kids are mean, and the schoolwork harder. She thinks an endless summer would solve her problems. Inspired by her stuffed animals, Rachel draws characters to make her dream come true: The Timeduck, a wizard who has power to control time, and Attack Pig, a bodyguard to protect her. Rachel has no idea she is drawing with a magic pen. Before she knows it, the drawings come to life!

As the Timeduck works his magic, Rachel’s problems multiply. She finds herself contending with repeating days, pastry-eating hedgehogs, and cracks in time. The Timeduck is consumed with fulfilling his mission regardless of who it hurts. With the help of her best friend, dramatic theater kid Cooper, and her noble bodyguard Attack Pig, Rachel must outwit the Timeduck before irreparable harm is done to time itself!

About The Author:

Jason is an army brat who grew up moving around a total of seven times on military bases from Germany to Fort Knox, Kentucky. Whenever Jason moved to a new school, he wrote stories and drew comic books starring the kids in his class. This helped kids from all over the country bond and have fun. He is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. When he’s not writing, Jason listens to 80’s music, follows the Cleveland Guardians, and is working on visiting all the MLB baseball stadiums. Jason’s books have been accepted to the Ohioana Book Festival, the Kentucky Book Festival, and the Heartland Book Festival. Jason lives with his wife in Cleveland, Ohio, where he is at work on the fourth book in the Magic Pen Adventure series. https://www.jasonrlady.com/

Social Media:

Facebook: JasonRLadyAuthor

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jasonrladyauthor

Twitter: JasonRLady

Book Blurbs: 

“Eccentric characters, wit, and magic make Time Problems a must-read for middle schoolers.” -Sublime Book Reviews

“This fast-moving narrative and clever storytelling…brought back the finest memories of adolescence because it is crazy and entertaining and full of life and love.” -Reads.Grace Book Reviews

“Part of the excitement when reading a story is that you want to keep reading to find out what happens next. I definitely felt that way while reading this book. Towards the end, I appreciated the way the characters grew and solved their issues. The wisdom from reading this book is to help children learn problem solving and the idea that problems have solutions…” -Miss Sue’s Skills For Success

“What makes the story unique is Ray’s endearing personality. She is the observant narrator of the tale, telling the story in an engaging matter-of-fact voice. Her wants and fears are rendered poignant and distinct through her focused, attentive perspective…Lady’s dialogue is snappy and pointed…with a compelling main character and a constantly shifting plot, TIME PROBLEMS is an interesting, if chaotic, middle grade coming-of-age novel.” -IndieReader Book Reviews

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June 18th- Books And Beabulls https://instagram.com/books_and_beabulls

June 22nd- Totahly Booked https://instagram.com/totahlybooked

June 22nd- Thrillers and Coffee https://instagram.com/thrillersandcoffee

June 26th- Eli Loves Books 16 https://instagram.com/elilovesbooks16

June 30th- Idaho Girl Reads https://instagram.com/idahogirlreads

July 6th- 2 Many Books 2 Little Time https://instagram.com/2manybooks2littletime

July 12th-  Laura’s Next Chapter https://instagram.com/laurasnextchapter

July 20th- Bookish Heidi https://instagram.com/bookish.heidi

July 25th- Carol Doscher https://instagram.com/carol_doscher_reader

July 31st- Books Love And Understanding https://instagram.com/booksloveandunderstanding

Aug. 15th- Books and Coffee MX https://instagram.com/booksandcoffeemx

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