On Tour 05/23/23-07/10/23 “The Necessity Of Lavender Tea” by Jennifer Moorman

Release Date:
March 14, 2023 

About The Book:

At sixteen Kate would be happy just to blend in with her Mystic Water peers, but she has “a cursed fate,” her mama says. Kate can see the future, which makes being like everybody else nearly impossible. In spite of her special gift, Kate is forbidden to alter the future in any way, no matter what she sees. Her only chance at living a somewhat normal life is to drink lavender tea, the only remedy that stops the visions.

Kate’s older brother, Evan, is her opposite—popular, charming, everyone’s friend—and the main reason Kate isn’t completely rejected by the local kids. When Evan dies in a tragic accident, Kate withdraws into herself and becomes more of an outcast than ever before.

But a chance encounter with a young man from the most prestigious family in Mystic Water tosses Kate into a whirlwind of friendship, acceptance, and love. Just when she believes this new life might last, Kate has a terrible premonition. Will she break the rules and alter the future? At the risk of exposing her special ability, can she prevent the horrible event from happening before it’s too late?

Journey into this enchanting heart-filling tale of magical realism and the powerful changes brought on by accepting oneself.

About The Author:

Born and raised in southern Georgia, where honeysuckle grows wild and the whippoorwills sing, magical realism author Jennifer Moorman is the award-winning, bestselling author of the Mystic Water Series, which includes the reader favorite, The Baker’s Man. Jennifer also has a collection of folklore, myth, and magic—Retellings of Folklore, Myth, and Magic—that offers imaginative retellings of stories told by our ancestors about their mysterious, fantastical beliefs in both the physical and the spiritual world.

She considers herself a traveler, an amateur baker, and a dreamer. She can always be won over with chocolate, unicorns, or rainbows. She believes in love—everlasting and forever.

A Harry Potter fanatic and the owner of an arsenal of sweet ’80s dance moves, Jennifer once read a 700-page book while sitting in a traffic jam. When in doubt, play James Taylor. And she’s still holding onto the dream that one day she’ll be like Indiana Jones. https://www.jennifermoorman.com/

Social Media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jenniferrmoorman

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jennifermoormanbooks 

Book Blurbs: 

In the world of magical realism, Jennifer Moorman is an important new voice. She is a sensitive, engaging, quirky, and soulful storyteller. Her characters speak their truths only to inspire us, the reader, to embrace and respect our own true gifts.  As a lifelong fan of Alice Hoffman, I am adding Jennifer to a short list of writers who can carry the torch forward to a new generation. —Jane Ubell-Meyer, Founder of Bedside Reading

The Necessity of Lavender Tea has the delicate magical allure and heartwarming storyline that make a truly memorable coming-of-age classic. In this inspiring tale, Jennifer Moorman takes us on Kate Muir’s tender journey through profound loss and budding love, and guides her to trust in the transforming power of her choices when she’s faced with a troubling vision. Readers looking for a vibrant splash of Southern charm will fall in love with Moorman’s vividly painted Mystic Water and the wise, whispering nature and compelling characters who inhabit it. —Jeanne Arnold, Bestselling author of the young adult Stubborn series

A sweet, magical coming-of-age tale about the best and hardest parts of love and friendship and family. —Amy Impellizzeri, Award-winning Author of Lemongrass Hope and I Know How This Ends

What can I say about the world Jennifer Moorman has created in her series about the inhabitants of the town of Mystic Water? I was moved to tears when I finished reading The Necessity of Lavender Tea. Jennifer writes so beautifully about life and love, growing up and trying to fit in. Sprinkled with just the right amount of magic, this heartwarming second book in the series, will bring you to tears as you become one with Kate as she struggles through hiding her ability to see the future, the pain of wanting to belong, love, and the awkwardness of being different. The book leaves you wanting to visit Mystic Water again and again. —Elisa Fershtadt, Hospitality Public Relations Consultant

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