On Tour 11/15/22-12/12/22 “The Hunt For The Peggy C” by John Winn Miller

Release Date:
November 1, 2022

About The Book:

This action- and suspense-packed novel by John Winn Miller introduces Captain Jake Rogers, a hardened smuggler transporting contraband through the U-boat infested waters of the North Atlantic in the beginning phases of World War II. He takes on cargo few other captains would be willing to carry—if the price is right. But after witnessing the oppression of Jews in Amsterdam, Rogers agrees to take on the most dangerous cargo he has ever transported. Pursued by Oberleutnant Viktor Brauer, a brutal U-boat captain, the normally aloof Rogers finds himself drawn in by the family’s warmth and faith, and increasingly willing to do whatever it takes to get them to safety.

About The Author:

John Winn Miller is an award-winning investigative reporter, foreign correspondent, editor, newspaper publisher, screenwriter, movie producer, and novelist. The Lexington, Ky., native was a foreign correspondent for The Associated Press and Wall Street Journal/Europe based in Rome, Italy; a reporter and editor at the Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader; executive editor of the Centre Daily Times (State College, Pa.) and the Tallahassee Democrat; and was publisher of The Olympian in Olympia, WA., and The Concord (N.H.) Monitor. He also helped produce four independent feature films: “Hitting the Cycle” with Bruce Dern; “Armed Response”; “Band of Robbers,” written and directed by Adam and Aaron Nee, and “Ghost in the Family.” Miller and his wife Margo live in Lexington Their daughter Allison Miller is an actress-screenwriter-director currently starring on the ABC series “A Million Little Things.” https://www.johnwinnmiller.com/ 

Social Media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/johnwinnmiller_author

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/john.w.miller.73

Twitter: https://twitter.com/winnauthor?s=21&t=rynmXXFyn-71FdyrLy6sdg

Book Blurbs: 

 “A rare book indeed! A very well-researched and informative tale about an often-overlooked place and period in history, yet the story never gets lost in the details. Instead, this is a tense, fast-moving, and stirring account of men called upon to overcome about the most daunting situations imaginable.”

—Don Keith, author of Warshot

“ The Hunt for the Peggy C is a tour de force of historical research that has pace, clarity, suspense, fascinating historical data woven in with the narrative, and perhaps most importantly, heart.” —Chris Evans, author of Of Bone and Thunder

“ The Hunt for the Peggy C delivers action, excitement, and romance from the very first page! Amazing in-depth research buttresses this exciting tale of believable people facing unbelievable odds. Occurring during a period of history that few know about, the story both thrills AND educates! Recommended—this is a good one! —Roger Maxim, author of The Long Gray Target Series

“ The Hunt for the Peggy C combines World War II history with a nautical thriller as it follows Captain Jake Rogers, a smuggler used to transporting contraband who is tasked with the most challenging job of all: to save a Jewish family fleeing Nazi persecution. Author John Winn Miller keeps his eye on the history surrounding this era, but translates it into action-packed scenarios that will delight readers looking for a backdrop of nonfiction spiced by the intrigue and psychological depth of fiction … As U-boats, chases, romance, and special interests coalesce, the story becomes riveting on many different levels. The interplays between disparate special interests and characters illustrate some of the conundrums of political and social interactions during wartime… More so than most World War II tales, the intrigue and realistic backdrops create a compelling story that operates for all readers, no matter the degree of their familiarity with World War II politics or events. The Hunt for the Peggy C is a vivid inspection of moral, ethical, social, and political changes set against a thrilling backdrop of confrontation and revelation that will reach not only historical novel readers, but those typically attracted to thriller and action stories.  Library collections on the lookout for vivid World War II accounts and lively plots will find The Hunt for the Peggy C a winning attraction.” —Midwest Book Review

“Miller has storytelling in his blood, evidenced by the zeal with which he’s mastered nautical terms, and his experience adds an engaging authenticity… His scenes are so vivid readers will wonder if they are reading a novel or watching a movie… Gripping WWII fiction with a classic feel.”—Independent Book Review

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