On Tour 06/01/22-07/30/22 “Boo and Ted’s Amazing Adventures : Beach Rescue by John Dunn

Release Date: December 30, 2020

About The Book:

Boo and Ted are dogs. They are different sizes and have different personalities, but they are best friends. They love to have adventures together. Left home alone, Boo plans a beach trip much to Ted’s worry. At the beach, Ted overcomes his fear to team up with Boo to make a daring rescue.

About The Author:

What started as a family project during lockdown grew into a picture book starring the 5-year-old dogs called “Boo and Ted’s Amazing Adventures: Beach Rescue,” with illustrations by U.K. artist Holly Withers. The book offers a tale of bravery despite anxiety in a fun way, a welcome message for young kids living with COVID-19’s uncertainties.

The real-life best friends were the favored protagonists in Dunn’s bedtime stories for his daughters when they were young, with the Labradoodle Boo and poodle-Chihuahua Ted going on amazing adventures together once the family left them alone in the house.

Dunn is already mapping out the future for fictional Boo and Ted, starting with “Boo and Ted’s Amazing Adventure Saving Christmas.”

Social Media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/johndunnbooks

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