On Tour 5/25/21-7/07/21 “Eat Your Words” by Isabel Chiara

Release Date: March 29, 2021

About The Book:

Giana Giovanni wants you to know you’re not alone. If you’ve ever found your heart racing, fingers fumbling to rip open a bag of something crispy, salty, sticky or sweet; if you’ve ended one reckless night swearing off a corner store the way some attempt to swear off a bad romance, Giana wants you to know, she’s been there, too.

Eat Your Words outlines the history of a first-generation American Italian girl whose early curvaceous entry into womanhood and hearty appetite make for a complex-carb tale about the depth of our relationship with self-nourishment. Often self-derogatory, and certainly comedic, readers can fall in love with Giana as they relate to her often awkward and outlandish process, simply trying to find herself in the land of milk and honey. Nearing her 6th decade, join Giana as she realizes it is never too late to gain a sense of self-compassion and confront issues of body-image, or attempt to modify outworn behaviors.

Particularly relevant for those involved in the healing arts, Giana’s story will inform as it entertains, leaving the fortified reader one step closer to herself by its end.

About The Author:

Isabel Chiara is a first-generation Italian-American, whose instinct is to nourish the needs of her community, whether in realms of providing spiritual insight or placating actual appetite. An eclectic and extremely successful businesswoman, Isabel is the daughter of hard-working immigrants. Like the generation that proceeded her, she’s given much of her life to her family-operated restaurant chain in New England, dedicated to providing affordable and high quality dining for the heart of local community.

From the time Isabel was a spirited little girl, she felt a deep pull to create excitement, to experience more than meets the eye. Her classic Italian appetite hungered for a spiritual realm, perhaps partly inherited from her Italian family’s historic connection to the kind of ecclesiastical holy lifestyle so palpably central to mid-20th century Sicilian farmland living. A teenager of the ’70s, Isabel discovered her own contemporary spirituality which allowed her to cultivate inner-guidance and, ultimately, help others to do the same. Well-versed in transformational modalities, dedicating over thirty years to studies in schools of healing sciences, therapeutic artforms, and energy work, her latest venture is the production of Giana Giovanni, a character she’s “channeled” like a muse to express both elements of her own life story and a highly-relatable, fun and fictitious, emotionally real journey into the inner-voice of the modern woman who has long-battled her own female body.

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Book Blurbs: 

What readers are saying about Eat Your Words…

“Warning: This book will get you to cancel your day’s plans and turn your phone off.”

“Eat Your Words paints a picture of what eating is like for many people in the world of fast living.”

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