On Tour 6/01/21-7/23/21 “The Lines Between Us” by Rebecca D’Harlingue

Release Date: Sept. 8, 2020

About The Book: 

A young girl flees seventeenth-century Madrid, in fear for her life. Three centuries later and a continent away, a woman comes across old papers long hidden away, and in them discovers the reason for the flight so long ago, and for her own mother’s enigmatic dying words.

In 1661 Madrid, Ana is still grieving the loss of her husband when her niece, sixteen-year-old Juliana, suddenly vanishes. Ana frantically searches the girl’s room and comes across a diary. Journeying to southern Spain in the hope of finding her, Ana immerses herself in her niece’s private thoughts. After a futile search in Seville, she comes to the Juliana’s final entries, and, discovering the horrifying reason for the girl’s flight, abandons her search for her.

In 1992 Missouri, in her deceased mother’s home, Rachel finds a packet of letters, and a diary written by a woman named Juliana. Rachel’s reserved mother has never mentioned these items, but Rachel recognizes the names Ana and Juliana: her mother uttered them on her deathbed. She soon becomes immersed in Juliana’s diary, which recounts the young woman’s journey to Mexico City and her life in a convent. As she learns the truth about Juliana’s tragic family history, Rachel seeks to understand her connection to the writings—hoping that in finding those answers, she will somehow heal the wounds caused by her mother’s lifelong reticence.

About The Author: 

Rebecca D’Harlingue’s debut novel, The Lines Between Us, was inspired by her study of Spanish literature, and the discovery of secret family papers. The novel was a finalist in the Best New Fiction category in both the International Book Awards and the Best Book Awards. It was a finalist in the Historical Fiction category in the Foreword INDIES Best Book Awards. D’Harlingue lives in Oakland, California with her husband, Arthur.

Author website: www.rebeccadharlingue.com

Social Media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/linesbetweenus

Instagram: https://instagram.com/rebeccadharlingueauthor


Book Blurbs :

Author Rebecca D’Harlingue has crafted a truly beautiful work of epistolary fiction that takes us directly to the pens and minds of her characters. . . . Delving into Hispanic culture and history, this is clearly an incredibly well-researched novel with much to offer in its enthralling plotline, but also in an opportunity to expand our minds beyond typical family dramas. . . . What results is a highly personal, intelligent and emotive story that brings you closer to these women than you may think possible, ensuring that their tragedies and triumphs stay in your heart forever.”- Readers’ Favorite

“D’Harlingue’s prose is languid and sure throughout this novel and especially effective at threading in intriguing details of 17th-century Spain and Mexico City, including the role of education in the lives of women… An ambitious, engaging novel that explores the power of finding personal connection to the past.”—Kirkus Reviews

“The novel is poetic in its verse. D’Harlingue’s mastery of the written word is apparent throughout the book. If you read this book for no other reason, read it for its prose…. I am honored to award this masterpiece 4 out of 4 stars. This novel is sure to have a profound impact on any reader.”-onlinebookclub.org

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