On Tour 2/22/21-4/02/21 “Return Of The Malpeds” by Caroline C. Barney

Release Date: February 1, 2021

About The Book:

Book Two in the Moonbeam Award winning Trebor Tales series.

Peace reigns in the Land of Bori. Growth springs from the earth as the great tree pushes its power through its mighty roots. But there’s a noise at the edge of the forest. It darts into the dark. A voice calls to the Trebors. Come and play with us. Come and play with us.  

But when Ebert decides to follow what lurks in the forest, he has an unexpected encounter. The malpeds have returned. Pitter pat. Pitter pat. Their tiny legs run their rhythm. Pitter pat. Pitter pat. Look what we can do, they say. We are changed, they say. 

Can this be true? Are they different from the evil, giant malped they defeated? As Ebert follows the mysteries of his new friends, Stella must decide if they can be trusted this time or if she will lose her brother forever. 

With action-packed adventure and whimsical magic, Book 2 of The Trebor Tales, Return of the Malpeds, brings the enchanted world of the Trebors further to life as it continues to tell the story of family, love, and the ties that bring them together.

About The Author:  

Caroline C. Barney is an award-winning author of The Trebor Tales series. She was born in England, and although she moved to America when she was a small child, she still grew up in an English home…there was a LOT of tea! She attended Dickinson College and earned her B.A. in English and B.A. in Political Science. During her time there, she worked as a writing tutor at the campus writing center, a role that cemented her love for the world of words. She also spent a semester in Cameroon, Africa, where adventures were an everyday occurrence, and always great fodder for storytelling.

After college, she moved to NYC at the height of the dot.com boom and worked in advertising for Ogilvy and then Rapp. She got to be on the frontlines of building their digital practices, and launched some of the first websites and internet advertising campaigns for industry giants like, IBM, J&J, Pfizer, Novartis, Philips and even worked with the Office of National Drug Control Policy office at the White House. And in the middle of all of it, she was named one of the top 40 under 40 people in advertising to watch by AdAge.

In amongst the crazy, she married the love of her life and had two amazing girls. Eventually, she decided to take a break from the NYC career pace of life and spend more time with her children. During this time, Caroline has held many board roles and done freelance writing for different organizations, including Save the Children, a non-profit that is very close to her heart. All along she has been sneaking in hours whenever she could to create exciting new worlds and epic adventures.

When she’s not writing or wrangling her busy family, her passion is building community. She had learned that community and togetherness really matter. It’s the stuff that changes lives. So, whenever she is able to, she’s working on bringing people together, building communities, and creating deeper connections.

Caroline is now thrilled to share Book 2 in The Trebor Tales series, RETURN OF THE MALPEDS. https://www.carolinebarney.com/

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carolinebarneyauthor

Instagram: https://instagram.com/carolinecbarney

Book Instagram: https://instagram.com/trebortales


“This was the cutest story ever!” —Heidi S., Vine Voice

“…INCREDIBLE magical book.” —Miss W Book Reviews

“…delightful adventure… We had many nights of “Just one more chapter pleaseeeee Mom!” with book 1.”—Mom + Munchkins Book Review

“A creative fantastical tale with universal themes: good vs. evil, power vs. humility. A great book for young readers teaching them the importance of community and ultimately hope.”—Becky, Teacher

“A Magical Fantasy for All Ages.” —Linda’s Book Obsession

“As an elementary school librarian, this is a book that I would recommend for children of all ages. It’s the perfect read-aloud with plenty of action and plenty to discuss!” —Shanessa, Librarian and Mom

“Magical story of love and togetherness.” —NurseBookie, Book Blogger

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