On Tour 9/15/20 – 10/5/20 ”Jubilee” by Conor Bender


About The Book: 

Release Date: June 18, 2020

Dieppe. Summer, 1942. Lord Louis Mountbatten, Commander of the Combined Operations Office, has his eye on Northern France and an audacious plan for an Allied raid on this quiet fishing port in Normandy. But the head of Special Operations, Charles Hambro, has his doubts. Mountbatten’s plans seem politically motivated and dangerously lacking in detail. Bowing to Mountbatten’s seniority – and against his better judgement – Hambro sends his best agent, Arthur Cutter, undercover to France. Smuggled into the outskirts of Dieppe, Cutter links up with a young, hostile, and female French resistance fighter, Talia Crevier. As the Allied Forces attempt to penetrate the Nazi Atlantic Wall, Cutter and Crevier must find a way to trust each other – and infiltrate the Nazi forces within the town in a desperate attempt to give the raid a fighting chance. But as circumstance and Nazi cunning encircle them, the odds of success for Mountbatten’s Operation Jubilee grow smaller and smaller….

About The Author: 

I’ve been passionate about books since an early age when my parents encouraged me to read books. Authors such as Ken Follett, Tom Clancy, Leon Uris, and Robert Harris captivated me as a boy. Their stories were filled with rich characters and vivid settings and not only inspired me to become a writer, but helped shape my writing style. I started writing while in high school, but I never had any aspiration to become a published author. For me, I just enjoyed writing a good story and that was enough.

I attended the College of Charleston with the intent of becoming the next Indiana Jones. Majoring in Classics and minoring in Archaeology, I had a foundation set to go off and retrieve the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail, but life has a funny way of disrupting even the best laid plans. Instead, I became a Marine. While in the Marines, I served as a logistician and foreign military advisor. I had the unique privilege to deploy to Sicily, Senegal, and Norway during my six years of service, and those experiences heavily influenced the stories and characters you will find in my books.

Jubilee is my first published work which I started to write while deployed to Sicily. If anyone were to ask what inspired me to write this World War II thriller, I would say it was the Marines and Sailors with whom I served. The bitter reality that nothing in the military is ever as clean cut as seen in the movies motivated me to tell a different story: a story of struggle and humanity in which human factors impact the outcome of history.

I hope you enjoy reading Jubilee as much as I did writing it, and keep your eyes open for updates on my next book. http://conorbender.com/

Social Media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/conor.bender

Book Blurbs: 

JUBILEE is a top-flight World War II thriller that pulses with energy and intrigue. Conor Bender takes us into Occupied France and delivers a page-turning story of spies, lovers, and enemies, and a high-stakes mission that could go terribly, terribly wrong. A spellbinding and deeply satisfying thriller. -Michele Rubin, Cornerstones U.S

Taking known historical facts, author Conor Bender skillfully weaves a compelling human story in his first novel, “Jubilee”… Jubilee’s authenticity comes from the fact that the characters are not superheroes; they are real people, facing real danger, forced to make real decisions… Seventy-eight years [after Operation JUBILEE], writing a book titled “Jubilee” is appropriate and Bender does it honor. -Sherry Tuffin, WWII Historian for the Yankee Air Museum

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