On Tour 4/14/20 – 6/30/20 ”Human Kind- Changing the World One Small Act At a Time” by Brad Aronson


About The Book: 

On Sale: April 14, 2020

Brad Aronson’s life changed in an instant when his wife, Mia, was diagnosed with leukemia. After her diagnosis, Brad spent most of the next two and a half years either by her side as she received treatment or trying to shield their five-year-old son, Jack, from the worst of Mia’s illness. Amid the stress and despair of waiting for the treatment to work, Brad and Mia were met by an outpouring of kindness from friends, family and even complete strangers.

 Inspired by the many demonstrations of “humankindness” that supported their family through Mia’s recovery, Brad began writing about the people who rescued his family from that dark time, often with the smallest of gestures. But he didn’t stop there. Knowing that simple acts of kindness transform lives across the globe every day, he sought out these stories and shares some of the best ones here.

In HumanKind, you’ll meet the mentor who changed a child’s life with a single lesson in shoe tying, the six-year-old who launched a global kindness movement, the band of seamstress grandmothers who mend clothes for homeless people, the man who created Philadelphia’s first homeless program because of a meal he had when he was twelve, and many other heroes.

 Brad also provides dozens of ways you can make a difference through the simplest words and deeds. You’ll discover how buying someone a meal or sharing a little encouragement at the right time can change someone’s world, as well as your own.

 The resource section at the back of the book provides guidance and organizations that will help you channel and amplify your own acts of kindness. Here you’ll discover:

  • How you can cure someone’s blindness with a donation of less than $200.
  • An organization through which you can provide a birthday gift for a child who otherwise wouldn’t receive one.
  • Multiple places where you can send letters of encouragement to support hospitalized kids, lonely seniors, refugees, veterans and others.
  • And over fifty more ways you can change a life.

HumanKind will leave you grateful for what you have and provide a refuge from the negativity that surrounds us. This feel-good book is an uplifting reminder of what really matters and provides resources that will help you to create positive change in your community and in your life, one small act at a time.

 All author royalties go to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

About The Author: 

Brad Aronson is a husband and a dad, and when he’s holding the parenting reins, he likes to go all out. For him that means leading an egg drop competition from the third-floor window of his family’s home or heading up indoor games of baseball and hockey, and then having to explain why something else is now in pieces. Luckily, his wife, Mia, is understanding.

Brad loves teaching entrepreneurship to youth in Camden, N.J., and volunteering on the nonprofit boards of Big Brothers Big Sisters and Hopeworks. 

One day Brad hopes to be famous for co-founding a national holiday that features a seven-foot-tall orange tree and more than fifty stuffed monkeys (see chapter nine in HumanKind). In the meantime, he works with tech startups and writes books.

He started i-FRONTIER after graduating from Haverford college, and the digital ad agency quickly outgrew the small apartment he shared with his best friend and became one of the largest and highest-rated digital ad agencies in the United States. His agency worked with clients such as Universal Studios, Time Warner, Microsoft, and Johnson & Johnson. After selling the company to  aQuantive, he joined the management team. Today, Aronson invests in startup companies and spends most of his time supporting youth nonprofits. He has served as board president of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region and is currently board president of Hopeworks, which provides tech training, jobs, housing, coaching and support to help young people succeed in life. Using his business background, Aronson teaches entrepreneurship to inner-city students at Hopeworks, instilling self-confidence, discipline and a healthy respect for hustle. He believes in creating a hands-on learning environment, so each student starts their own business in class, which has led to many adventures in entrepreneurship. Connect with Brad Aronson https://www.bradaronson.com/

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BradAronson2/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/bradaronson

Twitter: @bradaronson 

Book Blurbs:

An elegant, wise book of love in action.”–Deepak Chopra

The stories he shares will inspire you, and thanks to his practical tips, you’ll feel empowered to act on that feeling and put kindness into action every day, in ways big and small.” —Gabrielle Bernstein, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back

“HumanKind is a beautiful, sweet reminder of how the simplest act of kindness can have a profound and lasting impact on both the giver and the receiver. It reinforces how compassion, empathy and goodwill are fundamental qualities the world needs now, more than ever.” —Laura Schroff, #1 New York Times and internationally bestselling author of An Invisible Thread

“HumanKind is a celebration of the impact of small choices to transform ourselves and the world around us. It offers up an inspiring way for us to make the world better, even amid injustice, tragedy and misfortune. Read this book for inspiration and a path to the mind-set and actions that will contribute to personal happiness and a world full of love.” —Wendy Kopp, founder, Teach For America

“HumanKind is a heartfelt reminder of the impact that small acts of kindness have on our communities.”—Susan Campbell, CEO, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Philadelphia region

“Thank you to Brad Aronson for spreading the gospel of kindness. This is a lovely and inspiring book on how we can make the world better with gestures big and small.” —A.J. Jacobs, author of Thanks a Thousand and other New York Times

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