On Tour 06/15/23-08/30/23 “The Girl In The Blue Blazer” by Alretha Thomas

Release Date: January 17, 2023

About The Book:

Two women. One powerful man. A decades-old secret binds them together.

In 2019, Pamela Carter is determined to secure her dream internship with billionaire businessman Andrew Clifford III.

Twenty-five years ago, in 1993, Andrew is just starting out. Without any of his later fame or fortune, the party boy becomes a legitimate hero when he intervenes to save assaulted Elizabeth Westlake. Sure, she’s a waitress at a strip club, but that’s not her dream. Elizabeth is determined to write her way out of the Harlem hellhole she lives in. Maybe Andrew is the ticket? Even the best-laid plans go awry, and for Elizabeth, tragedy looms.

Pamela is impossible not to notice and she soon becomes Andrew’s prime intern. But, just as with Elizabeth, not all goes to plan. The stocks are plummeting. The company is careening. And then, Andrew himself goes missing. Will Pamela also be plunged into the tragedy that surrounds this man? Or is Pamela the one person who really knows what happened that fateful night in 1993? More than a company is at stake, as Andrew struggles for survival. But sometimes, the past is too powerful. Some secrets refuse to remain buried. Sometimes, truth kills.

About The Author:

Shortly after graduating from USC with a degree in journalism, Alretha soon realized her interest in her major was not heartfelt. Instead of writing news stories, she wanted to write plays and books. Several years later, her church gave her an outlet to fulfill her writing desires through their Liturgical Fine Arts Department wherein Alretha penned twelve theatre pieces—the community response was overwhelming. This led to plays outside of the church, including Alretha’s One Woman, Two Lives, starring Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show), directed by the late four-time NAACP Image Award Best Director recipient, Denise Dowse. The production garnered rave reviews from critics and audiences.

In between plays, Alretha self-published her first novel, Daughter Denied, in 2008 and has received glowing reviews from readers and book clubs across the country. Representing her book and plays, Alretha has been the guest on many radio shows and television shows including San Francisco Public Affairs show Bay Sunday with Barbara Rodgers on CBS affiliate, KPIX. She was also interviewed by KTLA News Entertainment Reporter, Sam Rubin. In 2011, Alretha self-published her second novel, Dancing Her Dreams Away, and it was also well received. Her third novel, Married in the Nick of Nine, spawned a four-book series that was acquired by Soul Mate Publishing in January 2014. The series has since reverted to her. In August 2014, Alretha was awarded the Jessie Redmon Fauset Literary Award for her indie novel, Four Ladies Only. In 2016, Alretha created the Detective Rachel Storme Mystery Series: Justice for Jessica, Losing Lauren and A Penny for Her Heart. In 2018 and 2019, Alretha debuted two additional mystery books—The Women on Retford Drive and The Truth About Gretchen, respectively. Her most recent novel is The Girl in the Blue Blazer.

Alretha is also an actress and can be seen in numerous commercials and television shows. She currently plays Anastasia Devereaux on Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living that airs on BET. https://www.alrethathomas.com/

Social Media:


Twitter :https://twitter.com/AlrethaThomas



Book Blurbs: 

“A ticking time bomb, this novel keeps reader interest in both past and present, teasing out mysteries and schemes that jolt but are firmly rooted in character and a convincingly detailed corporate milieu.”—EDITOR’S PICK – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – BOOKLIFE

“Written with searing honesty and a compelling contemporary voice, The Girl in the Blue Blazer by Alretha Thomas is an engrossing novel that touches on urgent social and ethical issues, engulfed in an emotionally charged plot, told with clear and sincere prose that brings emotional authenticity to a thrilling work of suspense.”

—Self-Publishing Review

“The Girl in the Blue Blazer is written with dual timelines and draws you in from the very beginning that have you turning the pages faster and faster as you navigate all of the twists and turns. One moment, you’re convinced of one thing, the next, not so much. What you ARE convinced of is that Mrs. Thomas has once again written an amazing story and built a world that draws you in and doesn’t let go until the very end.”—The Reading Café

“Try as I may, I could not find a single fault in Ms. Thomas’ writing. She sealed off any potential holes in her plot; it is airtight and impregnable. Her background in the film industry just makes sense. Alone, this book stands firmly on its own two feet but it would not surprise me in the slightest to see this story adapted into a movie or a dramatic mini-series.”—Book Nerdection

“Thomas does an exemplary job shifting back and forth in time with Pamela’s relationship with Andrew and that of Elizabeth’s. In alternating chapters, the narrative slips into the past with ease and without upstaging what is going on in the current time period. New  information is revealed in each chapter, and the two stories slowly connect to become one. This parallel storytelling requires considerable skill to pull off successfully, and Thomas does just that, while her clever use of foreshadowing creates a sense of curiosity that is sure to keep readers engaged.”—IndieReader

“The Bottom Line: A spellbinding, cathartic revenge thriller that will leave readers both unnerved and satisfied.” —BestThrillers.com

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