On Tour 09/01/23-10/25/23 “Fun Lessons” by Leanne Treese

Release Date: April 11, 2023

About The Book:

Rebecca Chapman, a singer passionate about her craft, has never felt appreciated by her uber-professional family. When she’s selected to try out for a new reality singing show, it’s her chance to prove she can make it in the music world. All she has to do is get chosen by the network. Problem is, she needs to play an instrument for the audition in two months. And she can’t play a thing.

Amazingly, the solution seems to lie with Ian Ledger, the ultra-annoying co-worker she’s been at odds with since day one. Turns out Ian’s a skilled guitar player. He’s willing to teach her, but there’s a catch. He wants to win back his girlfriend at his sister’s wedding. And he wants Rebecca to help him.

Seems like a perfect solution. She gets the music lessons needed to secure her spot on the show; he wins back the girl destined to be his bride. Easy peasy. Except, during the series of ridiculous “fun” lessons and hours of arduous music practice, Rebecca’s feelings for Ian shift. As the wedding nears, Rebecca doesn’t want Ian to succeed in his quest for love. But a deal is a deal. They both have dreams to chase. And a dream come true is everything.

 Isn’t it?

About The Author:

Social Media:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/authorleanne50/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/leannetreese

TikTok: @leannetreese

Book Blurbs: 

Leanne Treese is the Princess of Swoonworthy, The Queen of Slow Burn, and the High Empress of Toe-Curling, Heart-racing, Laugh-out-loud Rom Com Delight. Heartwarming and hip, Fun Lessons is no exception. I was all in with Rebecca and Ian from their meet cute to their well-deserved happily ever after, and I loved every minute of the journey. With her crazy flip flops and voice of gold, Rebecca is a free-spirited and flawed heroine to adore. And when seemingly straightlaced and uptight Ian unbuttons the top button of his polo shirt…and then some…all bets are off! Fun Lessons is as thoughtful as it is romantic, offering hope for a kinder, more tolerant world where friends become family, and families open their arms with understanding, acceptance, and love. – Wendy Rich Stetson, author of Hometown

The main characters of “Fun Lessons” are funny, quirky, and loveable—traits I would also attribute to this book. A page-turner, written in the first person with two points of view, I absolutely loved getting to know Rebecca and Ian. I laughed out loud at their banter and felt their connection grow as they helped each other navigate through their specific problems. This opposites attract, enemies to lovers story will have you laughing, sighing, and rooting for these two eccentric personalities until the very end.- Maria Imbalzano, author of The Sworn Sister series

I received an early copy of this witty novel and was invested from page one.Treese is a master at romantic comedy and this fun, wonderfully written story about a country music singer trying out for a reality show, will win your heart. Treese is on par with the best rom-com authors that include Sophie Ranald, Tess Bailey, and Sally Thorn. Ian and Rebecca, the main characters, are at odds from the get-go, but the “lessons” they exchange give this romcom a fresh twist. – Susan Reinhardt, author of The Beautiful Misfits

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