On Tour 07/11/23-08/13/23 “The Forger of Marseille” by Linda Joy Myers

Release Date: July 11, 2023

About The Book:

Sarah is a nineteen-year-old Jewish artist living in Paris at the outset of World War II. She escaped there from Berlin with the help of a dear family friend, Mr. Lieb, who needed to flee. Paris is, at first, a place of refuge. She even meets and falls in love with Cesar, a former doctor who fought the fascists in Spain and now works in the Resistance. Soon, Sarah’s artistic talent leads her to join Cesar in his work, forging new identity papers for those in danger. But as the Nazis reach the edge of Paris, the trio are forced to make a chaotic journey to Marseille. There, they join a secret network involving Donald Caskie and later Varian Fry dedicated to saving political refugees, writers, and artists from arrest by Hitler’s Gestapo—and where they face their greatest, and most personal, challenges yet.

About The Author:

LINDA JOY MYERS has always been deliciously haunted by the power of the past to affect people in the stream of time. She has integrated her passion for history and her own struggles with intergenerational trauma into her work as a therapist and writer. The power of the truth to educate current generations about the past led Linda Joy to explore the little-known history of WWII in the weeks following the fall of France—which in turn led her to write her first novel, The Forger of Marseille. She is the author of two memoirs, Don’t Call Me Mother and Song of the Plains, and four books on memoir writing. She’s also the founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers.

You can learn more about Linda Joy’s work at www.lindajoymyersauthor.com, National Association of Memoir Writers, and www.theForgerofMarseille.com

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LindaJoyMyersAuthor

Instagram: https://instagram.com/lindajoymyersauthor

Book Blurbs: 

“Myers movingly conveys the traumas faced by her Jewish characters who flee Nazi Germany only to find themselves caught up in the turmoil of the 1940 Paris exodus and the early months of the occupation of France….a vivid and compelling read.”

–Hanna Diamond, author of Fleeing Hitler and professor of French History at Cardiff University

“… a historical gem! Myers delivers an absolute page-turner with just the right amount of suspense and laced with a gripping love story….unputdownable.”

–Michelle Cox, author of the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series

“In this carefully researched and crafted novel, The Forger of Marseille, Linda Joy Myers tells the story of resistance by those who risked their lives to save others—one of the few bright spots in the Holocaust. While accurately portraying what went on in France in 1940, Myers weaves elements of love, tension, art, music, and the gradual unfolding of her characters as they begin to trust one another. Myers draws the reader in with her descriptive prose and insight into what individuals endured during that horrific time.”—Merle R. Saferstein, retired Director of Educational Outreach at the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center in South Florida

“…In her historical novel, Myers reveals important figures such as Varian Fry who saved thousands, and points an accusing finger at France as it capitulates to occupation and betrays its citizens. A lesson for nations of today and a call for peace through art.” —Judith Berlowitz, author of Home So Far Away

“This well-paced story of an artist turned forger in WWII era France weaves fictional characters with real-life people in a novel of gripping authenticity.”

–Barbara Stark Nemon, award winning author of Even in Darkness and Hard Cider

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