On Tour 06/07/23-08/01/23 “Once We Met” by Annabelle McCormack

Release Date:
April 11, 2023

About The Book:

For years, Avery Moretti has envisioned getting married at the Serendipity Lake Lodge in Brandywood, Maryland. It’s her home away from home, the vacation spot where her family has been coming for decades. But when she arrives two weeks before her wedding to finalize the details, she’s met with a huge shock: the Serendipity is under new ownership and construction and her planned wedding isn’t on the books. And the worst part? The new owner is the first guy she ever fell for—and never quite got over.

Buying the Serendipity was supposed to be Dan Klein’s “fresh start” after leaving the police force. Things seem to be going pretty well until Avery arrives at his doorstep. Now he’s tasked with trying to make the lodge work for Avery’s wedding, a job he doesn’t relish. After all, Avery broke his heart, and badly. Plus he’s never really forgiven what happened that summer so long ago, so why can’t he help the desire to help her anyway?

As Avery and Dan face one disaster after another trying to salvage her wedding, unresolved feelings seem to be simmering to the surface once again. But some things are better left in the past—aren’t they?

About The Author:

Annabelle McCormack loves to write the types of novels she always wants to read: 1) epic historical adventures that don’t skimp on the thrills or romance, and 2) contemporary love stories that have heart, depth, emotion—and don’t fade out when you get to the good parts.

Born in Costa Rica and raised (mostly) in Maryland, she graduated from the Johns Hopkins University’s M.A. in Writing Program. She’s worked in cancer research, as a schoolteacher, actress in SAG/AFTRA, wedding vocalist, professional photographer, government contractor, and did a one-day stint as a restaurant hostess after which she asked her sister to call and quit for her. (She hates both the phone and disappointing people.)

She lives in Maryland with her husband, five home-schooled children, and two boxer dogs, where she is still patiently waiting for the magical cleaning fairy from her childhood to show back up again. Sometimes, she pretends she’s funny.

Follow her adventures on www.instagram.com/annabellemccormack

 or check out her website at www.annabellemccormack.com

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Social Media:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/annabelledmccormack


Twitter: @annabelledando

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