On Tour 06/01/23-07/31/23 “La Vie, According To Rose” by Lauren Parvizi

Release Date: July 1, 2023

About The Book:

Rose Zadeh pleases everyone, except herself. Memories of her late Iranian-immigrant father, who valued hard work and family, keep Rose in a dead-end job as a Silicon Valley copywriter, and tethered to her guilt-trippy mom and needy sisters. As much as it would disappoint her father, Rose needs an escape. Voilà! A mandated vacation gives her the chance. Three weeks on a long-dreamed-of trip to the City of Light.

Instead of landing in a Parisian fairy tale, Rose falls under the spell of a charming and possibly dangerous expat and encounters an old family friend keeping a surprising secret. With the aid of a French self-help guru, Rose really believes she’s blossoming. Until an unwelcome reminder of home proves that finding herself will require more than a change of scenery.

From Paris’s cobblestone streets to Provence’s sun-soaked hills, Rose embarks on a journey of adventure, betrayals, and even amour. For the first time, the directions she follows are up to her.

About The Author:

Lauren Parvizi worked for more than a decade as a digital editor and writer, including a stint as a love and relationship columnist, and earned an MFA from San Francisco State University. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and sons. Find her online at https://laurenparvizi.com


Social Media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/laurenparvizi

Twitter: @laurenparvizi

Tiktok: @laurenparvizi

Book Blurbs: 

“Filled with vibrant characters and family dynamics, La Vie, According to Rose is one woman’s story of leaving guilt, fear, and old patterns behind while reaching for a new life, love, and future—in Paris, no less! I loved it, and I know anyone who picks this book up will, too.”—Ann Garvin, USA Today Bestselling author of I Thought You Said This Would Work

“With an irresistible cast of characters, a story of art and intrigue, and the perfect amount of romance, La Vie, According to Rose is every bit as charming as the City of Lights and a winning addition to women’s fiction.”—Camille Pagán, bestselling author of Good for You

 “Lauren Parvizi deftly weaves romance and intrigue, hardship and humor, culminating in a clever, thoughtful novel that’s at once light-hearted and tender. La Vie, According to Rose reminds us that sometimes everything we’ve been searching for is right in front of us…or perhaps in Paris! A charming romp through Paris and Provence, a mysterious expat, a blossoming romance between two delightfully flawed characters—this novel has it all! Magnifique! A treat from start to finish! “—Lori Nelson Spielman, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany

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