On Tour 03/20/23-05/22/23 “Saving KC” by Grinnell Desjarlais

Release Date:
October19, 2022

About The Book:

Kelly Allen Chase has returned to the United States after being held prisoner in the jungles of Vietnam for three years.

He now faces a long psychological and physical rehabilitation along with the changed and unknown strange new world of 1970’s America. With Kelly’s Indian family in Montana nowhere to be found, and his betrothed from before the war having moved on and married someone else, his odds for survival look bleak.

While Kelly struggles to come to terms with this wreckage of a life now lost, a young songstress struggles with explosive fame, fortune, and a loveless existence that is sowing the seeds of her destruction. They come together for the first time in an unexpected meeting that leaves them both with a memory they cannot shake and with time, they rediscover their enduring connection.

About The Author:

Born on the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation in Montana, also known as the Chippewa Cree Reservation, Grinnell Desjarlais, comes from a long line of native creatives. From his father, representing his native culture while starring alongside Shirley Temple in the 1939 classic, Susannah of the Mounties, to his great grandfather Mountain Chief, his family has held creativity, storytelling and performance as a way to preserve their culture.

Grinnell helped found the non-profit, Native Project, that serves as an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center for Native youth. Native Youth uses Native American treatment modalities as well as twelve step programs for treatment. There was a great need for this type of treatment to head off the exploding problems of substance abuse problems of kids that had moved to the city and were cut off from reservation life. NATIVE Project also now serves as an IHS (Indian Health Service) full-service clinic. It services all the urban Indians in the regional area of eastern Washington. Grinnell also took 12 step meetings into the Washington State prison system for nearly ten years.

While many from his extended family still reside on the Blackfeet Reservation, also in Montana, Grinnell traveled the world while drafted with the U.S. Army where he lived in Germany while serving. He’s also lived in California, and presently resides south of Seattle with his wife of many years, Loni. His daughter, McKenzie, and her husband, Michael, live nearby with Chloe and Ellie.

Saving KC is his debut novel.

For more Information about Grinnell “Buzz” Desjarlais or to listen to the soundtrack to the book please visit https://www.savingkcthestory.com.

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrinnellBuzzDesjarlais/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/grinelle

Book Blurbs: 

“An understated but engaging romance enlivens this hard-hitting melodrama.”- Kirkus

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