On Tour 03/07/23-04/10/23 “The Family Bones” by Elle Marr

Release Date:
March 7, 2023

About The Book:

What makes a psychopath? A young woman delves into her family’s shadowy legacy in a terrifying novel by the #1 Amazon Charts bestselling author of Strangers We Know.

 Psychology student Olivia Eriksen’s family is notorious among true-crime buffs. Faced with a legacy of psychopathy that spans generations, Olivia has spent much of her academic life trying to answer one chilling question: Nature or nurture?

 Although she’s kept a safe distance from her blood relatives for years, Olivia agrees to attend a weekend reunion. After all, her fiance is eager to meet his future in-laws, and the gathering may give her a chance to interview her elusive grandfather about the family traits.

 But nothing is ever peaceful among the Eriksens for long. Olivia’s favorite cousin is found dead in a nearby lake. Then another family member disappears. As a violent storm isolates the group further, Olivia’s fears rise faster than the river.

About The Author:

Elle Marr is the #1 Amazon Charts bestselling author of Strangers We Know, Lies We Bury, and The Missing Sister. Originally from Sacramento, Elle graduated from UC San Diego before moving to France, where she earned a master’s degree from the Sorbonne University in Paris. She now lives and writes in Oregon with her family. For more information, visit www.ellemarr.com.

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ellemarrauthor

Instagram: https://instagram.com/ellemarrauthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ellemarr_

Book Blurbs: 

“With a fresh take on the locked-room mystery, Elle Marr weaves a perilous and pulse-pounding tale of nature versus nurture. The Family Bones is a clever, wild, riveting ride that amps up the tension until I couldn’t flip the page fast enough. The interconnected threads, subtle clues, and jaw-dropping twists lead to a whopper of an ending.” —Samantha M. Bailey, USA Today and #1 national bestselling author of Woman on the Edge and Watch Out for Her

“‘Dysfunctional’ doesn’t even begin to describe the Eriksen clan during this family reunion from hell. Elle Marr’s twisty plot and even more twisted characters make The Family Bones a dark, delectable, and fascinating thriller that questions how well we know not only our relatives but also our own minds.” —Megan Collins, author of The Family Plot

“Smart, razor sharp, and shocking, The Family Bones will keep you up late with all the lights on. A family of psychopaths trapped by bad weather at an isolated retreat—what could possibly go wrong? With dual storylines racing toward a chilling climax, The Family Bones is a tense, must-read thriller.” —Kaira Rouda, USA Today and Amazon Charts bestselling author

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