On Tour 10/16/22-11/15/22 “The Photo Thief” by J. L. Delozier

Release Date:
October 18, 2022

About The Book:

If photos could speak.

Still grieving his toddler’s death, Detective Dan Brennan of the Philadelphia P.D. returns to the force and is assigned to investigate a socialite’s fatal fall down her mansion’s staircase. But the open-and-shut case is turned on its head when the victim’s daughter alleges her mother was murdered. Her evidence? The dead. The vintage photographs of past murder victims displayed on the mansion’s walls have told her so.

Compelled to listen to the reclusive teen’s pleas, Brennan begins to investigate her mother’s death and the disturbing secrets hidden in that house. Each vintage photograph is tied to a quartet of cold cases with a disturbing commonality. As the wealthy family’s long, sordid history threatens to bury Brennan, he realizes he has to make a choice: save his career, or risk it all for the chance to hear his daughter’s voice again.

About The Author:

J. L. Delozier draws inspiration from science that exists on the edge of reality—bizarre medical anomalies, new genetic discoveries, and anything that seems too weird to be true. Her debut thriller was nominated for a “Best First Novel” award by the International Thriller Writers organization; her fourth novel won a Silver Falchion Award. Her short fiction has won an Omega Award and appeared in Artemis Journal, The Pittsburger, Thriller Magazine, Retreats from Oblivion, and the anthologies, Noirville: Tales from the Dark Side and Writers Crushing COVID-19. By day, she’s an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Penn State.https://www.jldelozier.com/

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jldelozierMD/

Twitter: @jldelozier

Book Blurbs: 

“A riveting thriller with a spine-tingling edge. From the dedicated detective struggling to return after a terrible personal tragedy to a troubled young woman with a macabre collection of vintage crime scene photos, The Photo Thief expertly mixes current murders with past horrors for an adrenaline-packed ride that will leave you gasping till the very end.” —Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times bestselling thriller author

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Nov. 11th- CMT Loves Wine and Books https://instagram.com/cmtloveswineandbooks

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Nov. 15th- Carol Doscher https://instagram.com/carol_doscher_reader

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