On Tour 06/01/22-08/29/22 “Living and Leaving My Legacy” by Merle R. Saferstein

Release Date:
June 7, 2022

About The Book:

The process of writing Living and Leaving My Legacy began with Saferstein combing through thousands of pages from her personal journals dating from 1974 to 2016, seeking entries that were relevant to her initial seventy topic areas. Her goal was to select those entries that she believed would be of value not only to her loved ones but also to readers who may be struggling with ways to understand and process life events.

Talking about the process, Saferstein noted, “As I read my journals, I saw where I had written about the painful days, weeks, months, and even years dealing with a variety of difficult and heartbreaking issues. While I hadn’t forgotten any of them, how I processed them and what my attitude was throughout is what has made the difference in the lens through which I have viewed my life. From this vantage point, I could sit back and observe how I pulled myself up—how my resilient nature has been a gift throughout my life.”

Saferstein ultimately refined the list to twenty-two themes which formed the basis for her two-volume legacy journal project. The selected excerpts captured her thoughts and feelings as well as conversations and encounters with those who were part of her life during those years.

Volume One consists of eleven chapters:

• Journey of Journaling

• Joining the Workforce

• The Joys and Challenges of Marriage

• On Being a Woman

• Parenting: Forever with Love

• The Search in the Interim

• Anne Frank in the World: 1929-1945

• Holocaust Documentation and Education Center Part 1

• March of the Living

• In search of spirituality

• Seawind Beach Retreat

Volume One of Living and Leaving My Legacy: A Legacy Journal is scheduled for release June 2022, with Volume Two to be published in 2023

About The Author:

Merle R. Saferstein began journaling in 1974 at age thirty. But what had started as a sporadic activity took on the form of a daily practice in 1982, continuing until to date she has completed 380 volumes. And now those pages where she expressed her more intimate frustrations, fears, and desires have taken on a new form in her book,

For more about Merle Saferstein, including her stories, workshops, and experiences during her twenty-six year career as director of educational outreach at the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center, visit her website at www.merlersaferstein.com.

Social Media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/merles1212

Twitter: https://twitter.com/safer1212

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