On Tour 04/01/22-05/30/22 “Hacking The Code: The Ziggety Zaggety Road of a D-Kid” by Gea Meijering

Release Date: April 15, 2021

About The Book:

Kees is good at science, fixing things, making friends, drawing, solving other people’s problems, and pulling pranks. However, because of his dyslexia, he is terrible at spelling and writing. After playing a prank on the teachers, he and his friend, Pete, end up having to write an essay about the hardest thing they’ve ever done. His friend gets it done in no time, but Kees can’t get anything on paper. Will he get it done?

Hacking the Code is filled with funny school humor of a 5th grade dyslexic boy whose trouble making antics make this a real page turner for even the most reluctant reader.

About The Author:

Gea is a passionate creative and original ideas give her a jolt of energy.

A storyteller, marketeer, parent mentor and artist with a passion and a mission. As the mother of a dyslexic son, she researched dyslexia better than an FBI agent would, and witnessed the dyslexia struggle and gift it can be, upfront and personal. Gea volunteered as a parent mentor for the special education department of her local school district and is a dynamic dyslexia advocate. Over the years she saw many kids and their parents struggling to find out why school wasn’t going well. Reason to write a children’s book that offers kids and families the opportunity to identify with the different characters, make visible the learning struggles some students go through and bring dyslexia awareness to the community.

Gea grew up in the Netherlands, and is now living in SoCal. http://icarepress.com/

Social Media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/hacking.the.code

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hackingthecode/ 

Book Blurbs: 

As a development psychologist, I would recommend Hacking the Code for children who either or not experience dyslexia. “- Deniz Hazal Karabulut, M.A., Developmental Psychologist

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