On Tour 01/02/22-02/28/22 ”Marika’s Best Laid Plan” by Judy Stanigar

Release Date: October 15, 2021

About The Book:

Marika is a social worker trying to heal her drug addict clients, but she can’t seem to mend her damaged self. She avoids love because love sits too close to death. Her choices have left her carefully ordered life a lonely, disconnected one.

Everything is about to change.

Big-hearted, quirky, emotionally walled-off Marika embarks on a plan that ultimately forces her to confront the very thing she’s spent her life avoiding: love.

Marika’s Best Laid Plan is a story about the power of connection and hope, the things without which life is unbearable.

About The Author:

Judy Stanigar was born and raised in Israel. When she was a teenager, she moved with her family to the U.S. She attended Columbia University Graduate School of Social Work and worked as a psychotherapist for many years before turning her life-long passion and love of books into writing.

Her experiences as a therapist in a methadone program became the background for her second novel Marika’s Best Laid Plan. Judy infuses her novels with a therapist’s keen observation of human nature. She loves to write about people’s frailties, which make them loveable and relatable. But she tries to imbue her characters with humor and poignancy in equal measure.

Judy has lived and worked across the U.S. and had even done a stint in Jamaica where she taught at the University of the West Indies. She now lives in San Diego with her Jamaican-born husband. She spends her spare time writing, painting, walking the local beaches and trails, and cooking Israeli food with a Jamaican twist. When she’s not working on her next project about her life in Jamaica, she tries very hard to keep the flowers in her garden from dying. https://www.judystanigar.com/

Social Media:


Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/JudyStanigarTheAuthor

Twitter: @JvStanigar

Book Blurbs: 

With poignancy, compassion, insight and wit, Marika’s Best Laid Plan exposes a chaotic world of drug addiction and a parallel world of the worried well, in which other psychic traumas and self-destructive obsessions and compulsions take the place of poverty, heroin and cocaine. Scenes of Marika pursuing a loveless marriage to a spectacularly unsuitable but rich ex-fiancé manage to be simultaneously tragic and comic, while Marika’s gradual opening of her heart to her elderly neighbor, her recovering patients, and the clinic’s intriguingly unconventional new medical director are touching and sweet. A great ride of a novel that has it all: humor, heart, triumphs, stumbles, surprising twists, satisfying metamorphoses, and keen insight throughout into the interplay of trauma, addiction, vulnerability, forgiveness and love.~ Dvora Wolff Rabino, published essayist and short story writer; nominee, “Best of the Net 2021”

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