On Tour 10/18/21-12/20/21 “Fire and Water” by Caroline C. Barney

Release Date: Oct. 5, 2021

About The Book:

The Trebors are in more danger than ever before. The tribe is divided, Mt. Bor spits fire as its caverns boil, and the Borian Sea holds a secret of its own.

When the malpeds flew away with seeds from the great tree, scouts are sent to retrieve them, but the power of the seeds is so great they grow immediately into a field of fledgling trees. Within days, the tribe is divided between those seeking a new way of life in the field nestled at the foot of Mt. Bor, and those choosing to stay with the great tree. But this divide has grave consequences, and life in the shadow of Mt. Bor is not what it seems.

Determined to bring the tribe back together and stop the forces that threaten the Trebors’ peaceful way of life, Stella leads the Trebors into their fiercest battle yet.

Can they bring everyone home to the great tree and stop the malpeds once and for all? Or is the tribe divided forever and the mysteries of Bori a force too great to ever be stopped?

About The Author:

Caroline C. Barney is an award-winning author of The Trebor Tales series. She lives with her husband, two daughters, and crazy dog in Connecticut. She loves creating adventure in fiction and in life, and is passionate about bringing families and communities together. https://www.carolinebarney.com/

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carolinebarneyauthor

Instagram: https://instagram.com/carolinecbarney

Book Instagram: https://instagram.com/trebortales

Book Blurbs: 

Praise for the Trebor Tales Series

“Caroline Barney delivers yet another magical story filled with courage and the power of togetherness, taking us on a journey through our own struggles that we don’t need to face our fears alone. This continues to be our family favorite!”–Rosie, Mom

“I love the magic and adventure of this series. It’s written so beautifully that you feel as though you are there living it. I also love the important messages woven throughout, about family and working as a team. Another great book!!” –Danielle

Reee, Book Reviewer

“Another magical descriptive read that makes you feel like you are right there with the characters and never want to leave! A must read for all ages for sure. A delightful read and great characters that touches family, friends and teamwork

together.” –Jackie, Mom

“Amazing! Epic sequel! Exceeded all expectations after the fantastic adventure that was book 1. My daughter couldn’t put it down. What a gift to be able to give your child a book that’s captivating and wholesome.” –David, Dad

“Wow! Caroline C. Barney has written a magical fantasy book appropriate for all readers of all ages. This was such a memorable, entertaining, and thought-provoking tale that I would highly recommend reading.” –Linda, Teacher

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Oct. 20th- Dani Reads https://instagram.com/dani.reads.1225

Oct. 22nd – Noor The Bookworm https://instagram.com/noorthebookworm

Oct. 25th– Jackie Loves Books https://instagram.com/jackieslovesbooks

Nov. 2nd- The Crocheted Review https://instagram.com/thecrochetedreview

Dec. 1st- Lindas Book Obsession https://www.facebook.com/


Dec. 4th – Texacali Books https://instagram.com/texacalibooks

Dec. 4th – Miss W Book Reviews https://instagram.com/misswbookreviews

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