On Tour 10/04/21-11/30/21 “Quite The Pair” by Beth C. Greenberg

Release Date: October 5, 2021

About The Book:

An epic bromance is put to the ultimate test – Love.

Cupid was warned: every punishment imposed by the gods is more diabolical than the one before. But he’s nowhere near prepared to fall head over heels for Pan, his best friend and lifeline.

Pan loves and desires Cupid something fierce, but despite his outlandish attempts, Pan is unable to make his heart echo Cupid’s beat. Neither god wants to face the terrible truth – there’s someone else in Tarra who’s meant for Pan.

Cupid’s third punishment might just be the one that breaks him.

About The Author:

Beth C. Greenberg is a former CPA who stepped through the portal of flash (1000-word) fiction into the magical world of creative writing and never looked back. Raised in the Midwest, Beth now lives in a quiet suburb of Boston, where she and her husband are occasionally visited by their daughter and grand-dog Slim. Into the Quiet is book two of the Cupid’s Fall series. https://bethcgreenberg.com/

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bethcgreenberg

Instagram: https://instagram.com/bethcgreenberg

Twitter: @bethcgreenberg

Book Blurbs: 

Strong characters move the action long in this witty romp. This first installment is well-researched and fills in the gaps for the reader who is unfamiliar with Greek mythology. The main character having to choose between love and duty proves engaging and entertaining along the racy ride.

This book presents a clever mix of romance, fantasy, and mythology that is well-researched and gives the reader enough background to understand the motivations and backstories of characters. The author has a flair for keeping a quirky tone and wit throughout the story. Between intentional word choice and tone, the author has created an outlandish and creative story.

The colorful and quirky characters are witty and keep the storyline lively. Even though the main character may be unsophisticated at times, his charm and wit carry the plot.- Booklife prize

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Oct. 13th – Joannas Bookshelf https://instagram.com/joannasbookshelf

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Oct. 21st- Bookish Heidi https://instagram.com/bookish.heidi

Oct. 26th – Nurse Bookie https://instagram.com/nurse_bookie

Oct. 29th – Bookoholic Cafe https://instagram.com/bookoholiccafe

Nov. 4th – Lindas Book Obsession https://www.facebook.com/lindasbookobsession/

Nov. 9th- Christina Stephanie Reads https://instagram.com/christinastephaniereads

Nov. 11th – Geaux Get Lit https://instagram.com/geauxgetlit

Nov. 16th – The Mary Reader https://instagram.com/themaryreader 

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