On Tour 8/20/21-10/17/21 “Circumference Of Silence” by Jacquie Herz

Release Date:
July 8, 2021 

About The Book:

It’s been a week since the funeral, and Mali is at her mother’s Manhattan apartment, ready to pack it up—at least that’s what she thinks—until she discovers a manila envelope, propped up against the back of her mother’s desk, and filled with a mass of unsent letters. Her mother’s handwriting on the lined note paper is so familiar, and the slight German accent Mali hears ticking through her words, so haunting. 

Mali reads the memories of her mother’s Jewish childhood in 1930s Berlin, then her life in war-torn London. But when she comes to her mother’s account of her too-early marriage and the divorce that forced her to leave her young daughter in London and go to New York, Mali is thrust back into her own unhappy childhood, where that relentless ache for her absent mother, lodged like a stony pit inside her, must now be reconciled.

About The Author:

I was born in London, shortly after World War II, to a family of Jewish refugees who had managed to flee Hitler’s Europe—just in time, as the saying goes! When I was eight my parents divorced, and my mother left London to go and live with her own parents who had already immigrated to New York. So, coming to America to be with my mother was my childhood’s life-long dream! And because letter-writing was the only way to communicate with her at the time, writing became an integral and necessary part of my life from that very early age. I was also an avid reader and could easily spend hours at a time inside the halls of my imagination. At thirteen I was sent away to boarding school in Eastbourne, England. And at sixteen, after eight long years of dreaming, I finally arrived in New York, a trunk full of my belongings in tow.

Thankfully, I had a very forgiving chemistry teacher who gave me the passing grade I needed to graduate from the small private high school I was attending in Forest Hills, Queens. College proved just as difficult for me. After leaving at the end of my sophomore year, I went to work at the main branch of the New York Public Library and started back on my mission to complete my degree by taking courses, at first at Brooklyn Community College, and later at Syracuse University, where my husband, Peter, was getting his MBA. After we moved to Connecticut and while Peter and I were running our first business and raising our two young daughters, I graduated with honors from the University of Bridgeport with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing.

During our business life, Peter and I launched and sold three companies. Our second was for an accounting/marketing software package that we developed for the Promotional Products Industry. Responsible for writing the manual, I also provided the software support, as well as the training, which required us to visit clients’ offices all over the country. Working in our latest business, my day-to-day job entailed running the factory. In order to source the many products we needed to add to a new catalogue we published every year, we traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia.

All through those years, I managed to steal enough time to write and attend writers’ conferences and workshops; I was so fortunate to have had the most amazing teachers.

I have been published in the Metropolitan Diary and the Connecticut Section of the New York Times. I am a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and the Women’s National Book Association.

After transferring the company to our eldest daughter and her husband, Peter and I currently split our year between Connecticut and Florida. Happily, I am a fulltime writer now and busy at work on my next novel—about a young woman named Hannah. https://www.jacquieherz.com/ 

Social Media: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jacquie.herz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jacquieherz/

Twitter: @HerzJacquie

Book Blurbs: 

The book’s voice is haunting, its characters compelling, and the story it tells an artful mix of historical and familial suspense. It is that rarity, a book both readable and important.” -Jeffrey Skinner, Professor Emeritus, University of Louisville

“From the very first pages, it’s this novel’s remarkable gift to show history unfolding across generations, in a plot with roots in World War II Germany and a daughter still making sense of family stories. A riveting and wonderful book, memorable and vibrant.” –Joan Silber author of Secrets of Happiness

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