On Tour 10/01/21-10/30/21 “The Sound Of Wings” by Suzanne Simonetti

2021 IPPY Awards Silver Winner in Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Fiction

2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Winner in General Fiction/Novel (Over 80,000 words)

2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist in Inspirational (Fiction)

Release Date: May 4, 2021

About The Book:

Seventy-year-old Goldie Sparrows faces declining finances, questionable health, and a late husband who torments her from the beyond. She seeks refuge in her butterfly garden, which is filled with voices and memories from long ago.

Jocelyn Anderson is a struggling writer who finds escape from her custody battle in the journal of her late mother-in-law. As she gets pulled through the pages of time, Jocelyn discovers her own husband has a hidden history she knows nothing about. Is this secret now Jocelyn’s to keep?

Krystal Axelrod is living a life she never dreamed she could have. And yet the demons of a dysfunctional childhood and mean girl culture from her cheerleading days cast their shadow over her ability to feel whole, capable, and worthy. Does Goldie hold the key to Krystal’s path to freedom?

A masterfully crafted tale of love, friendship, betrayal, and the risks we take in the pursuit of justice.

 About The Author:

SUZANNE SIMONETTI grew up in the New York suburbs just outside of the city. After earning a BS in marketing, she spent several years writing press releases, until she left her corporate job to focus on her passion for crafting fiction. She lives on Cape May Harbor with her husband. When not on her paddle board or yoga mat, she can be found at the beach trailing the shoreline for seashells, scribbling in her notebook, and channeling dolphins for meaningful conversation. Find her online at Website: https://suzannesimonetti.com/

Social Media: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuzanneSimonettiAuthor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/suzannesimonettiauthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExitZeroSuzi

Book Blurbs: 

Simonetti’s stirring novel excels at creating characters that are fully fleshed out and deeply committed to their artistic careers and their interpersonal relationships. The three principal characters are thoughtful and conscientious, and the deep dives into their thoughts and memories give sharp illustrations oftheir motivations and fears up to the touching conclusion.”–Kirkus Reviews

“A story world so completely alive with the characters so real, I can feel them breathing behind me.”–Caroline Leavitt, New York Times best-selling author of Pictures of You and Is This Tomorrow

“Gardens are home to many things–plants, winged visitors, secrets, and sorrows. In The Sound of Wings, Suzanne Simonetti weaves a story of memories that float on the garden air, of people who carry the past with them, who struggle with the pull of memories and the wish to move on from them. She has created a small-town life and a cast of characters that will stay with the reader long after the last page is read.”–Patti Davis, author of The Earth Breaks in Colors and The Wrong Side of Night

“Vividly written, with characters the reader will come to love as friends, The Sound of Wings is a compelling debut novel of great emotional depth. Highly recommended!” –Loretta Nyhan, author of All the Good Parts and The Other Family

“Suzanne Simonetti has woven a tale of wonder and surprises. As the lives of her characters intertwine, secrets are shared and answers are revealed. Reminiscent of Alice Hoffman in its elegant unfolding, the sheer magic of its storytelling, this is a novel that will wrap you in its mystery and beauty.”

–Mary Morris, award-winning author of All the Way to the Tigers, Gateway To The Moon, and The Jazz Palace

“Grab a cup of tea, curl up on the couch, and get ready to get lost in Suzanne Simonetti’s charming and heartfelt debut. Can’t wait for the next book by this talented author!”–Terry Lynn Thomas, USA TODAY best-selling author of The Betrayal

“A lyrical debut reminding us that behind every polished exte- rior there can be secrets and hidden truths. The women at the heart of this story transform as they battle demons, from the ones existing in real life to the ones they carry within. Through the passages of time and self-discovery, they form an unlikely alliance that brings them to a place of healing and growth.”

–Tammy Hetrick, author of Stella Rose

“In The Sound of Wings, Suzanne Simonetti weaves together the stories of three women and their unusual bonds, which grow as they each confront their pasts and the secrets they keep from the ones they treasure most. You don’t want to miss this heartfelt tale of love, sacrifice, and friendship! Beautifully written–and that cover! Put it on your list today.”–Gina Heron, author of Buried Beneath the Lies and What’s Left Between Us 

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