On Tour 5/25/21-6/26/21 “The Accidental Suffragist” by Galia Gichon

Release Date: June 1, 2021

About The Book:

It’s 1912, and protagonist Helen Fox is a factory worker living in New York’s tenements. When tragedy strikes in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, Helen is seduced by the Suffragist cause and is soon immersed, working alongside famous activists.

As Helen’s involvement with the cause deepens, she encounters myriad sources of tension that test her perseverance: estrangement from her husband, who is blindsided by his wife’s sudden activism; ostracization by neighbors; unease at working side by side with wealthier suffragettes; and worry about her children as she leaves them to picket the White House in Washington.

The narrative spans World War One and concludes with the triumph of 1919. In a time when the obstacles for women, from any background, were insurmountable, Helen discovers her voice as an independent woman and dreams of equality in a male-dominated society.

About The Author:

Widely quoted in The New York Times and more, Galia Gichon spent nearly ten years writing financial research for top investment banks before launching Down-to-Earth Finance, a top personal financial advising firm in New York.

Galia is the author of My Money Matters, a personal finance book which received notable press from the New York Times, TODAY Show, CNN, Newsweek, Real Simple and more. Galia Gichon consistently leads seminars for Barnard College where she has taught for 13 years, and other organizations. She is an avid angel investor focusing on women-led and impact startups and actively counsels startups through accelerators. https://www.galiagichonauthor.com/

Social Media:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/pagesandmore

Twitter: @pagesandmore

Book Blurbs: 

The Accidental Suffragist is the so-timely story of the sacrifices one mother makes – to her family, her safety, and her previous identity – when called by a cause and stirred to act.  Through the telling of this factory worker’s experience, Gichon reminds us of the grave sacrifices so many women made more than a century ago and the debt of gratitude we owe them today as we see Kamala Harris’s ascent to Vice President.  My teenage daughters snatched this book from my hands before I could even finish.” Alisyn Camerota, CNN Anchor and Author of “Amanda Wakes Up”

“The Accidental Suffragist is a poignant and memorable story about sweeping through an early 20th century labor tragedy to the ache of a son going off to war. All told through the eyes of a wife mother who wants no more than to do all she can for her family. When the suffrage movement pulls her into her cause, she at last realizes that voting will be her only hope of having her voice heard. Written with heart and relatability, the modern day reader will not be able to help feeling a profound sense of gratitude for all that was endured by our sisters before us.” Camille Di Maio, Author of “The First Emma”

“The Accidental Suffragette is a compelling exploration of the early twentieth century movement to provide women the right to vote, with an endearing protagonist and plenty of fascinating historical detail.”  Kimmery Martin, Author of “The Antidote for Everything”

“With its captivating heroine and rich historical details, The Accidental Suffragist is a novel that  both enlightens and enthralls. A must-read for those interested (and we all should be!) in the fight waged by brave American women determined to secure their right to vote.” Nina Sankovitch, Author and Historian

“Through the eyes of an unlikely activist, novelist Galia Gichon masterfully takes readers inside the inner circle of the brave women fighting for the right to vote at the turn of the 20th Century. The unforgettable journey of Helen Fox, a garment worker toiling away in a Lower East Side factory, propels the fast-paced historical narrative as Helen learns about the Suffragist movement by chance and eventually, becomes an evangelist willing to risk her marriage and her even her own life for the cause. Inspirational and enlightening, this work of historical fiction pulls the reader in from the first page. A perfect read for mothers and daughters to discuss and enjoy together.” Heather Cabot, Author of The New Chardonnay

“The Accidental Suffragist is an entertaining, meticulously researched novel about the struggles and eventual triumphs of the Suffragist cause in the early twentieth century. Within this fascinating historical context, Gichon also explores the challenge and compromise inherent to working motherhood, a topic equally relevant today as it was then.” Heather Frimmer, Author of “Better to Trust” and “Bedside Manners”

“Many women wish the world was a kinder, fairer place for them, some women make it so. Gichon, like her heroines, moves through the world fueled by love and a sense of justice, the result is a richly detailed and studiously researched novel that will bring hope to your heart.” Lorea Canales, Author of “Becoming Marta”

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