On Tour 2/15/21-3/29/21 ”Slay Like A Mother” by Katherine Wintsch

Paperback Release: March 13, 2020

About The Book: 

Katherine Wintsch dedicates her life to making the lives of mothers easier. As Founder and CEO of The Mom Complex, Katherine’s global research on women and self-doubt inspired her popular book Slay Like a Mother which Parade magazine named “One of the Top 10 life-changing self-help books of the year.” 

With wit and humor, Katherine combines insights collected from mothers around the world with her personal experience battling what she calls a “dragon of self-doubt” for two decades. Her boundless energy for demonstrating what’s possible when you slay what’s standing in your way will leave you feeling less alone and more prepared when making the shift from worrier to warrior. 

Filled with guidance you’d get from your best friend and practical tips you’d expect from your favorite therapist, Katherine’s book will teach you how self-doubt starts, why it grows and how to slay it — while helping your friends, family members and followers do the same. 

Key Takeaways

You can’t win at everything: How to pick which battles to lose. 

Negative self-talk: How to teach the mean voice in your head some manners. 

Realistic expectations: How to stop setting expectations that set you up for failure. 

About The Author:

Katherine dedicates her life to making the lives of mothers easier. As founder and CEO of The Mom Complex, she works alongside Fortune 500 companies to help develop better products and services for mothers. And as author of Slay Like a Mother, she’s helping mothers around the world destroy what’s holding them back so they can live the life they want.

Katherine’s sought-after research on modern motherhood has been featured by The Today Show, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company, and she regularly writes about the topic of modern motherhood for Working Mother magazine and on her popular blog.

Katherine is a recipient of the “Working Mother of the Year” award by the Advertising Women of New York, the “Outstanding Woman” award from the YWCA and most recently a “Woman of the Decade” award from the Women’s Economic Forum in India.



Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SlayLikeaMother/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/slaylikeamother

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kwintsch

Book Blurbs: 

I loved this book! It’s packed with important and actionable advice.” – Eve Rodsky, author of New York Times best-seller, Fair Play

“This emotional self-help read is one for people who no matter how overwhelmed they truly are, always put on a brave face. Wintsch teaches women to embrace their vulnerabilities, set reachable goals and to find the middle-ground between suffering and struggling in Slay Like A Mother.” – Parade

“Wintsch’s style is brisk and forthright with enough humor to make readers laugh even as she illuminates dark corners. Although this is aimed at moms, any woman will find this enlightening and encouraging.” – Booklist-STARRED review

“Life-changing. That is the only way to summarize the impact of Slay Like a Mother. As I devoured the transformative words of this book, I wished I’d had it during a desolate time in my life-but it was not too late. Every time fear, anxiety, inadequacy, or self-doubt gripped me, I opened Slay Like Mother. Waiting to inspire me was a relatable anecdote or fool-proof strategy with the power to help me say no, draw a boundary line, ask for help, and show up for my life. Slay Like a Mother is much more than a self-help book for women; it is the end of self-doubt and the beginning of self-love… and that is nothing short of life-changing.” – Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times Bestselling Author of Hand Free Mama, Hands Free life and Only Love Today

“Helps you discover where when your self-doubt started, how it manifested, and fantastic tools to slay that inner beast! This is a must read, not just for moms, but for anyone struggling with self-doubt.” – Dana Vollmer, 5x Olympic Gold Medalist, first mom to win Olympic Gold for USA Swimming

“I love everything about this book. The tone, the candor, the acceptance that we must love ourselves first before we can slay anything in life. And it is so needed. We mothers are experts at thinking we are not good enough or do enough. It is time for us to let go of the guilt and let in the love. Thank you for this gift, Katherine. Slay on!” – Julie Foudy, former captain of the US Women’s National Soccer Team, ESPN analyst and reporter, and Olympic Gold Medalist

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