On Tour 10/6/20- 11/17/20 ”The Anxiety Diaries” by Dana Muwwakkil

Release Date: October 6th

About The Book: 

What will everybody think?

When I started this experiment at the beginning of 2019, to write every day, I simply thought I would be recording the mundane life of a mother, wife and struggling writer.

And yes, I considered the fact my family and friends and anybody else that reads this diary -my diary- would have access to my most intimate fears, hopes, thoughts, maybe even an embarrassing moment or two.

But who could have predicted that I would be providing a detailed account into my struggle with my mental health?

I had no idea that the anxiety that only ever played a minor role in my life would make its debut as the starring antagonist. Or that the obsessive thoughts and irrational fears that were always real to me would be given new life on the pages of my diary.

2019  turned out to be the worst year of my life and I can’t believe that I’m sharing this devastating journey with the world.

I came close to giving up, I made a near-fatal mistake and I spent too many moments terrified of my own thoughts.

But as nightmarish as that ordeal was, allowing readers to have a piece of my soul is even more frightening.

Publishing this book may be the bravest thing I’ve ever done.

This is my story.

About The Author:

Dana Muwwakkil is a proud black scribe, poet, and mother of four. She enjoys dark chocolate, and coffee while she writes about mental health, motherhood, and the awkward situations she seems to find herself in. The Anxiety Diaries is her first book. https://www.theanxietydiaries.com/

Social Media:

 Instagram: @doesanyonewritelettersanymore 

Bloggers On Tour:

Oct. 6th – Lindas Book Obsession https://www.facebook.com/lindasbookobsession/

Oct. 10th – Miss W Book Reviews https://instagram.com/misswbookreviews

Oct. 19th – Reading Girl Reviews https://instagram.com/readinggirlreviews

Oct. 23rd- Niks Nook https://instagram.com/niks_nook

Oct. 27th – Books With Bethany https://instagram.com/books_with_bethany

Oct. 28th – Love My Books 2020 https://instagram.com/lovemybooks2020

Oct. 28th – The Caffeinated Reader https://instagram.com/the.caffeinated.reader

Oct. 29th – The Mary Reader https://instagram.com/themaryreader

Oct. 29th -Mrs Boom Reads https://instagram.com/mrsboomreads 

Oct. 30th – Nurse Bookie https://instagram.com/nurse_bookie

Nov. 17th – Jennifer Tar Heel Reader – http://www.jennifertarheelreader.com

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