Birthday Book Tour 5/28/20 – 6/26/20 ”No Thanks: Black, Female, and Living in the Martyr-Free Zone” by Keturah Kendrick


About The Book: 

Release Date: June 18, 2019

Through eight humorous essays, Keturah Kendrick chronicles her journey to freedom. She shares the stories of other women who have freed themselves from the narrow definition of what makes a “proper woman.” Spotlighting the cultural bullying that dictates women must become mothers to the expectation that one’s spiritual path follow the traditions of previous generations, Kendrick imagines a world where black women make life choices that center on their needs and desires. She also examines the rising trend of women choosing to remain single and explores how such a choice is the antithesis to the trope of the sorrowful black woman who cannot find a man to grant her the prize of legal partnership. A mixture of memoir and cultural critique, No Thanks uses wit and insight to paint a picture of the twenty-first-century black woman who has unchained herself from what she is supposed to be. A black woman who has given herself permission to be whomever she wants to be.

About The Author: 

A New Orleanian by birth and New Yorker by choice, Keturah Kendrick has been penning insights about life at the intersection of race and gender for a decade. Aside from her popular blog, Yet Another Single Gal, she has written for The Unfit Christian, The Not Mom, NonParents, and numerous publications. A practicing Nichiren Buddhist and steadfast humanist, Kendrick seeks to widen the narrative of good black womanhood. Much of her work normalizes and celebrates the black woman who exists outside of the beloved box of gleeful sufferer of fools who sacrifices self for the greater good. She has lived on three different continents and visited dozens of countries.

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Twitter: @HappySingleGal

Book Blurbs: 

No Thanks presents a unique narrative of the single woman. Kendrick could have been married, but she chose not to be. She owns this and other nontraditional choices, utterly unapologetically. This book will stay with you. While you are reading it, it will feel like fun. You will have laugh-out-loud moments. But No Thanks goes way beyond mere entertainment. It is wise. It is profound. It just may change your life.” ―Bella DePaulo, author of How We Live Now: Redefining Home and Family in the 21st Century

“As women, we so often focus on our due dates for what society deems as success instead of using our time to find our own happiness in ourselves. I challenge you to do what Ms. Kendrick did: Become braver versions of yourselves to discover your own happiness.” ―Single Girls Rock

“A book for women (and some men), particularly those seeking to forge a different path for themselves, away from what is often termed ‘normal’.”―

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