On Tour 4/02/20- 4/30/20 ”At the Narrow Waist of the World – A Memoir” by Marlena Maduro Baraf


Release Date: August 6, 2019

About The Book: 

Raised in a colorful family of Spanish Jews in tropical and Catholic Panama of the 50s and 60s, Marlena depends on her world of tíos and tías for refuge from the difficulties of life, including the frequent absences of her troubled mother. As a teenager, she pulls away from this centered world to begin a life in the United States very different from the one she has known.

This lyrical memoir explores the intense relationship between mothers and daughters. It highlights the importance of community to a child and examines the vital issues of mental illness and healing.

Fully authentic and bittersweet.

About The Author:

Marlena Maduro Baraf immigrated to the United States from her native Panama and her writing is colored by this dual identity. Her essays and stories have appeared in Ms. Magazine, Lilith, Lumina, Sweet, HuffPost, and others. In past lives she was a book editor at Harper & Row and McGraw-Hill book companies in New York City; she studied at Parsons School of Design, also in New York, and at the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College. Visit her at www.marlenamadurobaraf.com

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarlenaMaduroBaraf

Instagram: https://instagram.com/marlenamadurobaraf

Twitter: @MarlenaBaraf

Book Blurbs: 

“With sensitivity and candor, the author examines mental illness, immigration, forgiveness, and community―all framed within the precocity of her life’s circumstances.”―Ms. Magazine

 “By the end of At the Narrow Waist of the World, we have come to know, admire and even cherish its author in a way few memoirists manage to achieve . . . . ” ―Jewish Journal

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April 4th– Cassie’s Book Reviews https://instagram.com/cassies_books_reviews 

April 9th – Nurse Bookie https://instagram.com/nurse_bookie

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April 21st– Gatticus Finch https://instagram.com/gatticus_finch

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April 29th – Chill Jill And Read https://instagram.com/chill_jilland_read


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