On Tour 1/3/20- 2/14/20 “The World Came To Us” by Molly D. Campbell


Release Date : October 22, 2019

About The Book:

Misfits. The weak, the scarred, those who live their lives outside the mainstream. When Sam Poole dies, her widow Meg wants to withdraw from the world. Daughter Tommy withdraws, too-so her mother won’t do anything rash. They only go out after dark, to walk their dog. The people they meet—the world they discover—is bigger, more  challenging, more meaningful than they could have ever imagined. Told with humor and insight, The World Came to Us both instructs and entertains.

Rich with Molly D. Campbell’s trademark humor and resonant with ruminations on loss and identity, The World Came to Us is the author’s most heartfelt, compelling, and poignant novel yet. It is a story of letting go and letting in and a touching tale of discovery and rediscovery.

About The Author : 

Molly is a two-time Erma Bombeck award winning writer. She hosts her own intelligent and funny blog, www.mollydcampbell.com, as well as writing for Literati Magazine on Medium.

The World Came Us, Molly’s latest novel, tells the story of Meg and Tommy Poole, mother and daughter, who decide to withdraw from the world in order to deal with their grief over the death of Sam Poole, Meg’s wife and Tommy’s other mom. Their solitude is interrupted by events that shake up their small world and help them resolve some major problems-both of their own and others. Funny and heartrending at times, it’s a story of love, coming together, and redemption.

Molly’s novel Crossing the Street, “Hilarious and full of familial honesty, Molly’s novel is a joy to read.” –Jamie Ford, New York Times bestselling author of Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. One eventful summer in the life of Beck Throckmorton, a burned-out writer, and her seven year old new BFF. “A gem of a novel about being open to life and its possibilities when you just don’t wanna…” —Karen Karbo, Award winning author of New York Times notable book The Diamond Lane.

Her first novel from The Story Plant and Fiction Studio, is “Keep the Ends Loose,” a wry and witty coming of age novel. Miranda Heath is a quirky fifteen year-old with cinematic dreams and a safe, predictable family. That is, until she decides to pull at the loose end that is the estranged husband that her aunt never divorced. Warm, funny, and uniquely perceptive, “Keep the Ends Loose” is an irresistible novel filled with characters you might recognize and certainly never forget.

Her short story collection began as a Twitter stream of character names that she invented in her spare time, followed by a brief description: “Loretta Squirrels beats her husband and makes moonshine.” Molly then decided to write a book about her characters. She teamed up with a fantastic artist to bring them to life. The book soon became an Amazon Pop Culture best seller.

Molly lives in Dayton, Ohio, the home of Erma Bombeck. Molly makes regular pilgrimages to Erma’s grave–for inspiration and spiritual renewal. Molly also spends time petting her five cats and plugging her ears. Her husband plays the accordion.

Molly likes cake. She doesn’t get to eat it much, because she has a slight pot belly.

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorMollyDCampbell/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/mollydcampbell

Twitter: @MollyDCampbell

Praise for Molly D. Campbell:

“Molly Campbell’s Crossing the Street is a funny, warm, and charming novel. It was such a pleasure to get lost in this world, and in Campbell’s capable hands.”– Julie Klam, New York Times bestselling author of The Stars in Our Eyes

“Crossing the Street is a compelling story about all the different people in our lives who become family. Campbell draws us into her characters with heart and humor and with a unique voice that will stay with me for a long time. I can’t wait to read her other books! – Camille Di Maio, author of The Memory of Us and Before the Rain Falls

“I am crazy about Molly Campbell’s writing. Her characters are funny and real. Her storytelling is fresh and poignant. She breaks the rules and looks fabulous doing so. Crossing the Streetis a surprising and unpredictable, thoroughly enjoyable read!”  – Amy Impellizzeri, award-winning author of Lemongrass Hope and Secrets of Worry Dolls

“A humorous coming-of-age story where secrets of the past collide with the present and family bonds are stretched to the limits of forgiveness. Quirky, hopeful, and wonderfully original.” ―Beth Hoffman, New York Times bestselling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt on Keep the Ends Loose

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