On Tour 1/9/20 – 2/5/20 “The Winter Sisters” by Tim Westover


Release Date: 8/7/19 

About The Book: 

Dr. Waycross knows bleeding and blistering, the best scientific medicine of 1822. He arrives in the Georgia mountains to bring his modern methods to the superstitious masses.

The local healers, the Winter sisters, claim to treat yellow fever, consumption, and the hell-roarin’ trots just as well as he can. Some folks call the sisters herb women; some call them witches. Waycross calls them quacks.

But when the threat of rabies—incurable and fatal—comes to town, Dr. Waycross and the Winter sisters must combine their science and superstition in a desperate search for a remedy.

Can they find a miracle cure, or has the age of miracles passed?

About The Author: 

Tim Westover, a graduate of Davidson College and the University of Georgia, lives in suburban Atlanta. Westover is an established writer in the International Language Esperanto; his short story collection Marvirinistrato [Mermaid Street] (Literaturo.net) was published in 2009, and his stories appear in translation in the anthology Star in a Night Sky (Francis Boutle Publishers, UK). Born in the north, educated in England, and frequent visitor to Russia, he found his home in the North Georgia mountains. In addition to writing, Westover busies himself with programming, playing the clawhammer banjo, and raising his daughter to be a modern American eccentric. Visit his personal blog at http://www.timwestover.com .


The Winter Sisters: A Novel (2019)

Auraria: A Novel (2012)

Marvirinstrato (2009)

Social Media: 



Instagram: https://instagram.com/timwestover

Book Blurbs: 

“Tim Westover has a rare talent for putting the reader right into the story, his characters are complex and never stereotypical, and the world he creates is both beautiful and haunting. This is a fine example of Southern Literature at its most moving, enchanting, and compelling.” -Southern Literary Review

“A well-plotted, perfectly paced novel whose chapters paint a colorful portrait of the frontier town of Lawrenceville, Georgia and its residents. What begins as a story of the clash between so-called scientific and folk medicine in the second decade of the nineteenth century turns, by the end, into a much more profound reflection on the role that personal belief plays in how people of any time or place conduct their lives.” -The BookLife Prize, 9.75 / 10

“Solid writing and strong characters buoy this examination of a captivating moment in American history when old beliefs encountered the new. An enthralling, cozy tale set in an era when folklore reigned over science.” -Kirkus Reviews

“Amid Lawrenceville’s shenanigans and swirling fears, a witty, tender story arises and unexpected partnerships form…. The Winter Sisters is an entertaining historical fantasy in which lives change and minds open.” -Foreword Clarion Reviews, 5 stars

“Regardless of your personal beliefs regarding traditional healing or western medicine, this novel is a balm for the soul, or perhaps a mirror, reminding us that what truly matters is not who ends up being wrong or right, but rather how we treat one another along the way.”-Independent Review of Books, 5 stars

“A spellbinding blend of historical fiction and magic realism, THE WINTER SISTERS mixes science with superstition in this enchanting, lush novel.” -IndieReader, 5 stars

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Feb 2nd Dog Eared Days Of Summer https://instagram.com/dogeareddaysofsummer 

Feb. 3rd – Bibliolau https://instagram.com/bibliolau19Feb. 5th -Cover 2 Cover Cafe https://instagram.com/cover2covercafe


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