On Tour 11/8/19- 12/13/19 “ Street Of Storytellers” by Doug Wilhelm


About The Book : 

September 10, 2019

Rootstock Publishing


Street of Storytellers is a multicultural suspense novel for YA and adult readers.

 Luke is 15, and he’s mad at his dad. He blames his parents’ recent divorce on his father’s obsession with finishing a book about a lost ancient civilization in a dangerous part of Asia.

 But his father badly wants his son to understand — so he brings Luke to Peshawar, an age-old crossroads city in Pakistan’s North West Frontier. To punish his dad, Luke refuses to learn anything about the project or the lost civilization. Instead he’s drawn into the strange, intriguing Old City, where a frightening new extremism is on the rise.

 Luke is dazzled by Danisha, but in the strict Pashtun culture they can’t ever be seen together. He’s recruited by her brother to assist the jihadis — but he also bonds with Yusuf, an Afghan refugee who knows what could happen. Then there are the musicians Luke befriends, and a mysterious Sufi teacher who opens his eyes.

 Street of Storytellers is intensely suspenseful. It’s about three families across two cultures … about two world religions, Islam and Buddhism … about music, Western and Eastern … and about how modern extremism affects ordinary families. It’s about an ancient true story the world has almost forgotten. And it’s about learning to think for yourself — even if that puts your life at risk.

 About The Author: 

Doug Wilhelm is a full time writer and editor in Weybridge. His 16 previous books include The Revealers, a novel about bullying that has been the focus of reading and discussion projects in well over 1,000 schools, and continues to be part of the curriculum in middle schools across the country.

 As a young journalist in the early 1980s, Doug left his newspaper job to spend two years in Pakistan, India and Nepal. He traveled, wrote, taught English and worked on what he originally planned as a nonfiction book about his experiences, which years later grew into Street of Storytellers.

 Along with The Revealers, Doug’s other books include three more young-adult novels, a biography of Alexander the Great for young readers, and 10 books for the Choose your Own Adventure series.

 Doug is also a working musician—he plays conga drums, percussion and harmonica in several Addison County musical groups. https://www.dougwilhelm.com/

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Street-of-Storytellers-by-Doug-Wilhelm-119722589416068/

Blog : https://www.dougwilhelm.com/reading-matters-blog
Book Blurbs: 

“Street of Storytellers is a vivid and layered novel of family angst, clashing cultures, navigating friendships, first love, and wisdom versus extremism amid frightening political and religious tensions in 1984 Pakistan — as told by Luke, a 15 year old American who did not want to be there. Wilhelm skillfully weaves history into dramatic fiction that is both a personal story and a perspective on world events today.” – Deborah Rodriguez, author of Kabul Beauty School and The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

“Street of Storytellers is a storytelling delight, following the journey of a teenage American into the teeming bazaars of Pakistan and a world of musicians, refugees, scholars and the religious fanatics who will become the followers of Osama bin Laden. The story is rich in detail and suspense. Young Luke, resentful of his father’s research project and unwilling to learn about the culture around him, ends up learning more than he could ever have expected.” – David Moats, author of Civil Wars and winner of the Pulitzer Prize

”An  absorbing, rich historical tale…An especially strong, moving, and well-described theme is the power of music to overcome barriers of many kinds, while the book also honestly acknowledges limitations and challenges in fighting extremism. Luke is a believable character who makes mistakes but also redeems himself with courage and generosity.        An entertaining, thoughtful look at a complicated historical, religious, artistic, and cultural crossroads.”  —Kirkus Reviews

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