On Tour 8/16/19 – 8/30/19 ”The Woman In The Park” by Teresa Sorkin and Tullan Holmqvist


About The Book:

Release Date: August 26,2019

Beaufort Books


When Manhattanite Sarah Rock meets a mysterious and handsome stranger in the park, she is drawn to him. Sarah wants to get away from her daily routine, her cheating husband and his crazy mistress, her frequent sessions with her heartless therapist, and her moody children.

But nothing is as it seems. Her life begins to unravel when a woman from the park goes missing and Sarah becomes the prime suspect in the woman’s disappearance. Her lover is nowhere to be found, her husband is suspicious of her, and her therapist is talking to the police.

With no one to trust, Sarah must face her inner demons and uncover the truth to prove her innocence.

A thriller that questions what is real-with its shocking twists, secrets, and lies—The Woman in the Park will leave readers breathless.

About The Authors:

Teresa Sorkin
For as long as Teresa can remember she has loved the world of storytelling.  Her passion for writing began at an early age. She loves Teresa Sorkin’s passion is stories – creating, writing, telling, sharing and producing them.Teresa went on to study Marketing and Writing at New York University and with her degree she landed a job at RAI Italian Television as a television host and producer.  She worked as a News Producer and worked on documentaries that highlighted her love of telling a story through images and prose. She later went on to develop television and film for MTV, A&E and sold her screenplays to various studios including Miramax.

Teresa has produced shows for various American networks, including MTV and Bravo. She helped develop “The Hills” and “Girl, Get Your Mind Right!,” which aired in 15 different countries. She has worked on many projects under first look deals with The Weinstein Company and DIGA, run by Tony Disanto and Liz Gately. She was a journalist and news producer for many years working on many significant international news stories.

In early 2000’s, Teresa took courses in screenwriting and production and proceeded to help pro- duce Jay-Z’s documentary, “Fade to Black”. Shortly after, she was offered a first look deal with The Weinstein Company, where she created ideas for film, scripted and reality TV until its recent filing. She has helped cast and produce for companies like Bungalow Media and Tru Entertainment. She also created her own show “The X Effect” and sold her first screenplay to Ben Affleck’s production company.

Teresa received her degree in Marketing and Media from New York University (NYU). While studying at Bocconi University in Milan, she modeled During one of her shows, a producer from RAI TV tapped her to be their fashion and entertainment correspondent. She then hosted her own entertainment show at RAI for several years, where she interviewed Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and many other celebrities.

When Teresa isn’t working on the best next story, she spends time with her husband Ian and two children Jaden and Isabella and their dog Coco. https://teresasorkin.com/

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewomaninthepark/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/teresasorkin

Twitter: @TeresaSorkin


Tullan Holmqvist
Tullan Holmqvist is an investigator, writer and actor and is the coauthor of the psychological thriller novel and screenplay The Woman in the Park with producer Teresa Sorkin. Tullan’s work as a private investigator has included global fraud investigations, financial due diligence and art cases. She has a master’s degree in political science from the University of Florence; literature and language degrees from universities in France and Italy; and screenwriting and acting studies at New York University, Boston University, Michael Howard and HB Studios. Originally from Sweden, Tullan lives in New York with her composer-attorney husband Giovanni and two sons. https://www.tullanh.com/

Social Media

Instagram: https://instagram.com/tullanh

Twitter: @tullanh


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